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Is the pandemic changing the tech recruitment calendar?

January has always been a hectic month for recruitment. Jobs always factor into induvial goals for the year, and as a result, the New Year, New Job mindset is strong. After the downtime of Christmas, January seems like the perfect time for businesses to start hiring new roles and for candidates to start looking for […]

Capturing Authentic Employee Stories to Promote Your Employer Brand

As the talent market is set to grow even more competitive in the coming year, Employer Branding is sure to be the main differentiator between organisations. How employees and candidates perceive a business as a place to work will hold more influence than ever before as employers become compelled to match salaries and benefits if […]

What are the top priorities for tech recruiters in 2022?

The 2021 Recruiter Nation Report claims that 80% of recruiters’ priorities have shifted when it comes to talent acquisition. It’s no surprise, as the talent market has changed dramatically after the last two years. We’ve gone from employers holding power to a candidate-driven market, with more vacancies than available talent leading to never-seen-before levels of competition. Candidates […]

Is tech key to evolving your recruitment approach for 2022?

The world of HR tech is growing rapidly. New programmes and software are emerging every day to help with the recruitment process and your people strategy and employee engagement. For example, talent management technology can help identify staffing requirements, develop employees and recruit or onboard new team members. In addition, tech can be used for the entire hiring process and performance management, succession planning and learning and development.

The rise of environmental EVPs

Environmental issues are becoming more of a talking point than ever, and many of us are starting to prioritise the impact we have on the environment in our daily lives. More of us than ever are conscious about how we travel, the amount of waste we produce, and other renowned factors for damaging the planet. […]

Attrition or talent attraction what will your focus be in 2022?

It’s no surprise that, for many, keeping hold of their employees and focusing on employee retention is becoming a number one priority. However, in 2022, as the race for tech talent tightens and there are consequently more opportunities, attrition will be just as big of an issue as the skills gap. As a result, there will be more temptation for employees to leave, and if your company hasn’t addressed any problems, that could be motivation to push them out of the door. Employee retention will become almost as important to your people strategy as attracting candidates because businesses will need to hold onto their people if they ever wish to grow. Otherwise, you’re stuck in a continuous recruitment cycle.

Planning To Hire In 2022? Start Putting the Wheels In Motion Now

It may seem a little early to start thinking about 2022, but the reality is, it will be here before we know it. Business leaders are beginning to put plans in place for the new year, whether assessing budgets or preparing new strategies for success. It’s a great time to evaluate what’s working and what needs to change so that you can prepare for a change in the new year. A new year is a fresh start, so it’s a great excuse to experiment with new strategies in all business areas. And, with the dust finally beginning to settle on a few years of uncertainty, it’s becoming clear that now is the ideal time to adjust tactics and refine your business approach across all areas. So why should your recruitment strategy be any different? Here are some reasons why you should start putting the wheels in motion now so that your recruitment strategy is ready for 2022.