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What Can You Learn From Talking To Your Talent Pool?

Building a talent pool, particularly during times where you’re unable to recruit, has countless advantages to your business. It can help you to find top talent, reduce recruitment costs and even speed up the time to hire when roles become available. Building a talent pool of head-hunted candidates, referred candidates, direct applicants and individuals who […]

Recruitment terminology: Defining those key words

Have you ever been in a meeting in which people keep throwing around an acronym, and you have no idea what it means? As the meeting goes on, it seems like you’ve left it far too long to ask. Post-meeting, you take to Google to try and work out what on earth everyone was talking […]

Diversity agendas: more than meets the eye

Diversity agendas are less advanced than we thought Fewer organisations have a formal diversity strategy compared with previous years. That’s the surprise finding from the latest joint CIPD and Hays Resourcing and Talent Planning survey. It seems the problem with workplace diversity agendas runs deeper than initially meets the eye. For our upcoming white paper, […]