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Are more tech candidates now returning to their previous employers?

There’s a phrase dominating recruitment headlines at the minute, and that phrase is “boomerang employees.” But, what does this mean? And how can employers use this to their advantage when planning tech recruitment strategies for 2022? For the last few months, data showed that more people were resigning from their jobs than ever before, which […]

Can Talent Mapping Help to Improve Diversity?

Whether it’s gaining a greater perspective of how your organisation needs to diversify to be an attractive prospect to candidates and support your product launch, or whether it’s identifying where talent with the necessary skills is located, talent mapping can help. Both internally and externally, it’s a very useful tool that scaling businesses can use to inform recruitment strategies to ensure success. Moreover, in an increasingly competitive tech recruitment market, it can give you an essential competitive edge.

5 tips for supercharging your tech recruitment machine

Like with any business process, hiring new talent should be streamlined and efficient. In a scaling business, you may not have yet had the chance to perfect these processes, but it can be a work in progress. Ultimately, employers need a recruitment process that runs like a well-oiled machine. There are so many different elements […]

Now is the time to redefine the roles you need

We have now made it through 2021, and we all feel the need to look ahead. The future isn’t exactly clear, but as leaders, we cannot sit by on the side-lines anymore. Now is the time to really look at what has sustained you in the last 11 months and think about where you want […]

How to plan for future tech hires when you can’t forecast

Over the last few years your business may have had to adapt and the future may look completely different from what you previously envisioned in a five-year plan. However, right now, it feels like we’re living in some sort of Groundhog Day. We’re facing yet another lockdown, and plans for the future once again have […]