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A New Era Of Work: Creating an EVP Relevant for 2021

In the last year, the way we work has shifted dramatically, and as a result, candidates’ wants, needs and expectations have also evolved. As we’ve all had to make adjustments to work remotely, embrace more compassion in the workplace, and in some cases even pick up new skills to adapt to change; employees have learned […]

Establishing a physical presence through virtual communication

During the Covid-19 pandemic when core workplaces and key contributors to the local economy were instructed to work from home where possible to comply with public health guidance, establishing a virtual presence to connect with colleagues made business continuity possible. By continuing the physical relationship from the traditional workplace through virtual means in a remote […]

How To Be A Better Remote Teammate

Some remote teams have worked on complex projects across multiple time zones, and many of have never even met. Some have different languages, different skill sets, and different favourite programming languages. So how do they make it work? Communication, strong processes, excelling in our zones, using the right tools, and having a little bit of […]

7 Ways to Help Your Employees Avoid “Work-From-Home” Burnout

For many businesses, as well as their employees, remote work offers a lot of flexibility and freedom. But, It is not all sunshine. Remote work is not a dream come true to all employees, especially for those who had to haphazardly pivot to teleworking because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work comes with many concerns […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Work From Anywhere Culture

With the news Twitter, Square, Facebook and Shopify are all considering a long-term work from home solution for employees after COVID-19, the future of the office has been brought into question. Many businesses have proven that they can work remotely without implicating the quality of their service, and staff are enjoying the luxury of working […]

How Can We Keep Employees Engaged During the Work-From-Home Lockdown?

Keeping employees engaged and motivated isn’t always easy, even when they’re in the office, but when your team works from home it means you need to think a little more creatively to ensure they’re happy and engaged. As we all try to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, it’s largely technology that’s helping us to stay […]

The benefits of organisational meritocracy

What is a meritocracy? A meritocracy refers to a workplace without hierarchy – essentially, everyone has the right to speak and the right to be heard. On this basis, employees who work hard and achieve results should progress based on their performance. A relatively new concept, a meritocratic workplace does away with the idea that […]