Advocates champions people who face developmental, mental health, or other life challenges in and around the Boston area. We delivered an RPO project focused on helping them to recruit for hard-to-fill senior Clinical roles.

The Recruitment Team

We worked closely with Advocates to shape a recruitment process to ensure that we could provides an outstanding experience to both candidates and hiring managers. Our recruiters acted as an extension of their internal team, screening qualified candidates, nurturing talent pools and supporting hiring managers with advice, guidance and market/candidate insights. Our recruiters also direct sourced passive talent from direct and indirect competitors using AI sourcing tools and Boolean search techniques.

Awareness and Attraction

Because these were hard-to-fill roles, we knew that a traditional RPO approach would not be sufficient. We therefore supported the recruitment team with a branded awareness and attraction campaign across a wide range of social media channels. This was run in addition to day-to-day advertising on job boards, enabling us to reach a more diverse audience who may not be actively searching for a job on the usual platforms. As well as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, we also explored the opportunity to advertise on Spotify.

An Integrated Process

Our campaigns drove candidates through to landing pages written, designed and built by Talent Works. But it was important that all candidates enjoyed the consistent ‘Advocates’ experience, so our development team ensured that our landing pages integrated with the Advocates Applicant Tracking System. This meant that we were operating as one team with one, single process – even though we were attracting, sourcing and recruiting talent from many different places.