Aptean, the US-based global provider of mission-critical enterprise software solutions,  was growing quickly through multiple acquisitions. They needed an employer brand that would help to attract new talent – and also give quickly new acquisitions a sense of the culture that makes Aptean such a success story.

Research and Insight

Through significant research and stakeholder interviews, the Aptean and Talent Works teams identified brand challenges and worked together to develop an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to solve them. Our proposition focused around the idea that working for Aptean demanded a unique attitude – what we came to call the Aptean Attitude.


The next step was to find a creative way of expressing the Aptean Attitude. Our tagline became ‘Bring your A Game’. This helped to capture the sense of a high-performance environment where people with the right attitude could carve out a global career. If you bring the right mindset to Aptean, then the size, scale and resources of the organisation means that there is nothing holding you back.


We planned, designed, wrote and built a new careers site for Aptean and also supported localised recruitment drives in India, The Netherlands, Germany and Poland. At the heart of every campaign was bringing the proposition to life through animation – a bold message backed up by bold typography, colourful visuals and fast-paced edits.