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How do you help a multi-brand business create a single recruitment process?

We provided COTY with an end-to-end strategy and implementation. We helped them transition from a decentralised recruitment model to a single, unified, end-to-end process for identifying, recruiting and retaining the best talent. Our challenge was to:

  • Unify different businesses under one process
  • Support c. 300 hires per year across UK & Ireland
  • Build and shape their employer reputation

The Solution

We utilised a hybrid approach that combined recruitment and resourcing teams, from across the COTY business areas and brands, into a single process. Our objective was to centralise and own the end-to-end process, ensuring a best in class candidate and hiring manager experience. We have:

  • Applied key metrics to the recruitment process
  • Increased the quality of the candidate and hiring manager experience
  • Built the employer brand through social media campaigns
  • Reduce agency spend considerably in the first three months

Our solution is helping Coty to identify and recruit the best talent in a cost-effective way. We are now working closely with them to understand both short-term recruitment requirements and longer-term employer brand goals.