The challenge was to increase iRobot’s visibility in the technology space, effectively communicate their culture and values, and ensure that they became the destination for the top talent in the tech industry.


The Insight

Once we had conducted our research focus groups and stakeholder interviews, an important factor came to light: iRobot products were really well-known, but beyond those products, nobody really knew much about the company culture behind them.

It became clear that we needed to encourage candidates to see past the products and technology and focus on the culture and the people. That was what really differentiated iRobot.

The Creative

Based on these insights, our creative team then worked on building an employer brand that would cut through the noise. The overarching concept focused on the idea that, while iRobot technology is incredible, it is the people, values and culture that really make everything work. ‘This is how iRobot works’ became our brand tagline, supported by an emphasis on creativity, individuality and diversity.

Careers Site

The most significant activation for the new employer brand is the iRobot careers site. We provided the UX, wireframes, design, copy and animation/video content, as well as bringing the employer brand to life through people stories, photography and graphic illustration.