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Improving Visibility With iRobot

The challenge was to increase iRobot’s visibility in the technology space, effectively communicate their culture and values, and ensure that they became the destination for the top talent in the tech industry.

We had to alter the perception of iRobot from a company that builds cool consumer products to a cutting-edge global leader were the brightest software, and robotics talent wants to work to make an impact. And so, the employer brand had to cut through a crowded market.

Firstly, our brand and insight team conducted in-depth competitor research, investigated market trends, and devised a strategy for where and how to build up iRobot’s presence to reach the best talent.

Based on these insights, our creative team then worked on building an employer brand that would cut through the noise. The overarching concept focused on the idea of two worlds colliding, showcasing the ingenious products iRobot creates but also the people behind the business and the value they bring.

Talent Works created a careers page to encapsulate the best of iRobot from the innovation to its people.

The next stage will be to implement a digital attraction strategy that will run across social media, raising awareness of iRobot, and showcasing their values.