Keurig Dr Pepper is famous for producing great beverages. But they are not quite so well known for their cutting-edge Software Engineering. Needing to recruit Software Engineers in Boston and in China quickly, they came to us to address that gap in brand awareness.

Research & Insight

Our Research & Insight plan for Keurig Dr Pepper involved a series of employee focus groups with Software Engineers, Data Scientists, Digital and E-Commerce professionals. We supplemented this with stakeholder interviews and also a deep drive into their existing employee engagement surveys. Finally, we also conducted a survey of our own – 200 potential candidates responded in Boston and China, providing insight into brand perceptions amongst the external talent community in both locations.


Our campaign needed to attract candidates to work on Keurig coffee machines, exploring how new technology could be incorporated. This included advanced work such as AI and machine leaning, facial recognition software and IoT. The creative approach we developed played on the idea that candidates would not expect to see advanced engineering like this in a coffee machine. Or, in words a coffee-maker might use, it’s an unusual ‘blend’.


Because of the kinds of people we are looking to attract, this campaign needed to feel technically polished and advanced. We created stylish ‘blended’ images in Photoshop which brought swirls of code and data in coffee cups. We brought it to life in short, intriguing social media animations and added an extra level of front-end interaction to the landing page. The campaign narrative all came together in a longer animation, which really captured the unique blend of technology, advanced products and career opportunity available.