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Sourcing Senior C++ Engineers For Motional

Motional is a joint venture between Aptiv and the Hyundai Motor Group, aiming to revolutionise driverless vehicles and the future of driving. They aim to change the way the world moves through pioneering autonomous technology.  

Talent Works were engaged to source leading C++ and robotics engineers to work in Planning & Controls, Perception & Localisation as well as Infrastructure & Software in Pittsburgh and Boston, USA. The main challenge was finding experienced and high-level engineers to take on roles including Management, Principal, Senior Software Engineers and Research Scientists for autonomous vehicles.

We created a robust, agile and aspirational employer brand for the scaling tech business to help them appeal to a niche candidate specification.

Talent Works then implemented a highly targeted digital attraction strategy. Using Google Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn to reach potential candidates in online spaces, we were able to share Motional’s message with relevant and skilled individuals.