How to improve your employer brand with Glassdoor

Glassdoor is changing the way candidates search for jobs and how companies recruit the best talent.

With 32 million unique monthly users worldwide, Glassdoor is one of the key components for building and maintaining an employer brand.

We all use online reviews, whether we’re buying a new car or looking for a holiday, so why not when looking for a new job?

Glassdoor is easy to use and gives current and past employees the freedom to review their company experience, whilst offering the transparency job seekers crave, and giving them an insight into organisations.

But how can Glassdoor help your employer brand?

Glassdoor allows companies to let their employees do the talking and tell their story, they can anonymously review their interview experience, employee experience and their salary and benefits package.

A strong employer brand promotes everything the company has to offer to a candidate, not just the salary and benefits but the company culture and values too. Candidates need to have a reason to want to work for you, and a strong employer can promote these reasons.

Enhance your profile

An employer’s profile should be consistentith existing brand guidelines and it should promote a clean, compelling message that candidates can easily understand.

The ‘why work for us’ section should be utilised to promote and inform candidates about a company’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP), it is important to tailor this to potential candidates. Tell them what your company is all About and why you stand out from the competition. By tailoring this section to the candidate and using ‘you’ heavily, you can assist candidates envision where they fit in the structure of the organisation. See where they could have an impact.  Be inspired to apply.

Make the most of your reviews

Encourage your current workforce to become influencers and review their time at the company. Your employee’s reviews go along away, and without them your Glassdoor profile will lack impact. If your employees don’t back your employer brand then no-one will. This is the place to start.

3 in 4 Glassdoor users are more likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its employer brand ( US Site Survey, August 2016). By responding to reviews companies are building trust amongst employees and candidates, thank employees for reviews whether they are critical or not, show your engagement and willingness to take criticism on board and use this feedback to make changes within the company. The best actions come from inside the business, and they, in turn, frame people’s perception. Get them right and you’re half way there.

Advertise your jobs

By pairing rich insights with the latest vacancies, Glassdoor is the perfect place to advertise.

Your profile should influence candidates enough to look at any open vacancies at your company, and if these are easily accessible on the same site then it is a huge convenience for them. Cutting out the hassle and giving them the information they are searching for.

If you promote your employer brand with complete transparency and consistency you will be able to attract the right talent through Glassdoor.

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