Running for the hills: TWI take the Wolf Run

This weekend, members of the Talent Works team from our Manchester and Northampton office will be tackling the Wolf Run in Leicestershire. Some have trained for the muddy obstacle course, and others will be running on pure adrenalin to complete this challenging 10k run!

What is the Wolf Run?

The Wolf Run is a 10k off-road running course which runs across natural terrain including open ground, woodland, lakes and lots of mud!

This hardcore running race includes a series of tough obstacles and is designed to test both your mental and physical strength. Contestants will run, climb, jump, wade, crawl and swim through the course, either as a lone wolf or as part of a pack.

Meet the team

I’m Alicia, an Insight Consultant within the TWI Brand & Insight team.  I’ve always wanted to take part in an event like this, so this presented the perfect opportunity for me to get involved. I’m looking forward to getting muddy, warming up again afterwards and taking part as a member of the TWI team.

Hi my name is Anthony, I am a Front End Developer (web geek). I have never done an event like the Wolf Run before and am hoping I will not be a total failure. If all else fails I will be using Peyman’s Popeye arms to help me over the obstacles. Doing this event has made me want to take part in more events and I am now signed up to a 50 mile and 100 mile bike ride! Definitely not prepared for them…

The run is for a good cause so please be generous with your donations!

I’m Bex, one of TWI’s Brand & Insight Lead Consultants. As chief fitness fanatic within the team I’m hoping my weightlifting and martial arts training in the gym will power me round the course and ensure I can help my work friends over obstacles (if indeed they need my help at all). It might be a fairly cold November morning but let’s face it – running around in mud is going to be a laugh and it’s for a fab cause.

I’m Hannah, a Lead Consultant in the Brand and Insight team. I’m probably the most unfit member of the team – yay! I signed up to the Wolf Run as motivation to get fit… I am yet to start training but hey it will be fine on the day. But in all seriousness, I wanted to get involved to have a bit of fun with the team and raise money for a great charity. Wish me luck!

I’m Kira, Lead Consultant in the Sourcing department here at Talent Works. This year I wanted to challenge myself more and being able to compete in the Winter Wolf Run is something that seemed like a great idea, and it’s all for a brilliant cause! As the challenge gets closer, the realisation is kicking in as to what is exactly involved in the challenge. I hate being cold so the thought of getting into a freezing lake scares me slightly to say the least, but I know I will feel a great sense of personal achievement once it’s completed. We are a very supportive group and I know we will make sure we all complete the challenge with a smile on our faces.

I first heard about the Wolf Run during my first week at TWI. The team needed another person to get involved with the event and I thought it would be a great way to build some bridges and bond with the team so I signed myself up!

Now it is less than a week away and I can honestly say I regret my decision. My training has been virtually non-existent and I hate being cold more than anything else, so it’s all looking rather bleak really. However, I have managed to raise a far bit of money and Kids Aid is a wonderful charity so I am going to give it 100% on Saturday. If I lose a toe to frostbite at least it was for a good cause.

Sometimes people do things for a good cause, they want to make a difference in the world, like a drop in the ocean, individually it doesn’t make much impact, but together many drops create the entire ocean. This is why I’m doing the wolf run, because as an individual, it may not make too much impact for charity, but together, the hundreds of people running will create something for a worthy cause. I am but a mere drop in the ocean of life, I am a wolf, I am Peyman.

How can I donate?
The team are competing to raise money for two amazing charities, KidsAid and the Factory Youth Zone. KidsAid is a Northampton based charity providing support for children and young people who have suffered abuse, bereavement, bullying and family problems. The Factory Youth Zone is a Manchester based charity which provides a unique safe place for young people aged 8-19, and up to 25 with additional needs.

A lot of the team members are really pushing themselves out of their comfort zone for this challenge so every penny is greatly appreciated. If you’d like to donate you can do so at the Talent Works Just Giving page and Talent Works My Donate page.