It’s Time to Build The Next Generation of Tech Recruiters

Recruitment professionals are currently one of the most in-demand and most challenging roles to fill. We’re all looking for the finished article to be able to ‘Hit the ground running and satisfy the increased demand for talent in one of the craziest hiring booms I can remember. Recruitment professionals would rather hire someone who could be filling roles within a week, even if they aren’t necessarily hitting the mark with quality of hire.

But why? Why are we only looking for recruiters with multiple years of experience on their CVs?

News Flash: Not all experienced recruiters are good recruiters. They aren’t always worth the salary that some companies are trying to entice them with.

Whilst I fully appreciate that we all need to hire for experience sometimes. Companies may need those that can have an immediate impact, those that can help deliver and support others. When the demand to help clients hire talent is high, it’s no surprise that the instant reaction is to hire someone who can get started right away and hire roles within their first week. However, we seem to have forgotten that future talent (those with potential) are just as important as hiring the unicorn recruiter everyone is hunting for.

Hiring for potential should be a priority right now. The recruitment boom isn’t going away anytime soon. Therefore, you should be focusing on bringing talent into your organisation that can help you strategically long-term, not just the best hire at the time. Investing time, money, energy and effort in the future, your future, in someone else’s future, will be fundamentally important for your business and for the industry as a whole. You’ll build loyalty with new employees who will likely stay with you for longer as you pass on your own expertise and offer the industry experience.

There is a wealth of talent out there that may not be considering or finding it extremely difficult to get into the recruitment sector because of the lack of ‘relevant industry experience’ on their CV. These individuals could bring more to your business than you expect, with skills and experience in other sectors that can be transferred to yours. They could have a wealth of knowledge that you do not realise can enhance your service offering and bring something new to your company culture. You simply have to be more open-minded to talent from various backgrounds and experiences.

Commit to finding that talent, commit to a long-term development plan for them, don’t just be focused on what they can contribute to the bottom line in the first few weeks of arriving in your business.

Think about integrating people amongst the wealth of experience you already have how you can mentor, train and develop them into the future generation of ‘unicorn recruiters’.

Let’s be honest; we all started somewhere in this industry, mainly by accident. Not many left school or university thinking they would end up in this great industry. However, many people have made an excellent career out of it.

Given the opportunity, many more will follow in your footsteps.

Which brings me to some exciting news

At Talent Works, we’re still hiring experienced recruiters, but we also have a track record of developing and supporting those from outside the industry. We believe in surrounding ourselves with talented people, and talented doesn’t always mean experts in recruitment. It means they have skills and potential which could form a solid foundation for a career.

We’ve always committed to hiring from outside the tech recruitment industry, and we’re continuing to do so in 2022. This is why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of The Talent Works Recruiter Academy.

We’re excited to kick this hiring drive off for 2022, with new positions created for people with little or no recruitment industry experience. We’re giving them a chance to work with some of the most innovative and exciting tech scaleups in the UK and across the globe and start a successful career in tech recruitment. Along with our experienced recruiters, you’ll become embedded into our client’s business to deliver recruitment strategies, to source, recruit and deliver great candidate experiences.

We believe in supporting the next generation of sourcing professionals and want to provide opportunities to gain hands-on experience, develop their skills and learn from the best.

Talent Works will be partnering with Vanessa Raath 🌍👩🏼‍🏫 to deliver a six-week training schedule for every existing and new team member who joins in 2022 as part of our commitment to learning and development. The training will be for all, those who have extensive experience in the recruiting industry and those just starting on their journey.

We currently have five new roles for our Recruiter Academy, and you don’t need industry experience to apply.

We want to hear from you if you have:

  • Good customer or people skills
  • You’re a great communicator and enjoy speaking to people
  • Have an inquisitive mind
  • A willingness to learn, develop new skills and challenge yourself
  • Want to enter or develop your career in recruitment

What’s on offer from us?

  • Remote/Hybrid working opportunities
  • A dedicated training & development program delivered by our internal teams and our partnership with one of the leading Recruitment & Sourcing trainers around – Vanessa Raath
  • The opportunity to surround yourself with experienced recruiters who will support you on your journey
  • The opportunity to work with some of the worlds fastest scaling and leading brands across the UK & Europe
  • Plus, much more – Including private healthcare, pension contributions, perks and wellness programs, Volunteering days and bonus opportunities and incentives.

We’ll also commit to matching or increasing your salary, no matter what industry or background you come from. After all, why shouldn’t we place as much value on potential as we do on relevant industry experience?

We’ll be announcing more details about how to apply for our Recruiter Academy soon. Make sure you’re following us on LinkedIn to be the first to find out when vacancies open.

In the meantime, why not read some of our blogs to gain an appetite for tech recruitment?