Aptean partners with Talent Works as it expands and creates over 150 tech roles in the US, UK and India

Company renews EVP globally and while expanding Bangalore and Madurai tech hubs

Boston, London; 16th June: Aptean, the US-based global provider of mission-critical enterprise software solutions, has announced a major talent initiative with the assistance of Talent Works.

The company, whose industry-specific ERP, supply chain and compliance solutions are used in over 80 countries, is working with Talent Works to localise its employer brand and to recruit 150 roles spanning 17 departments and 8 markets including Madurai and Bangalore, India.

Through significant research and stakeholder interviews, the Aptean and Talent Works teams identified brand challenges and worked together to develop an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to solve them.

This EVP now forms the basis of a large-scale hiring project in India. Talent Works is supporting Aptean with hiring Technical Support and Software Product Development professionals in its new tech hub in Madurai. The partnership is also working to hire various ERP Architects in Bangalore as Aptean helps clients globally tackle digital transformation.

Tracey Harvey, Director, Global Talent Acquisition at Aptean, said: “Our growth is dependent on us finding the right people on a global basis. We want our team to be aligned and engaged with the overall vision. This talent acquisition programme has been way more than simply recruiting, it has been a complete brand overhaul which I’m confident will deliver significant results longer term in a hugely competitive market.”

Neil Purcell, CEO of Talent Works, commented: “This was an exciting opportunity to work with a fast growth, global brand and demonstrate the value of employer branding. We are confident that the recruitment campaign will deliver results internationally and enable the organisation to grow an engaged workforce.”



Aptean is one of the world’s leading providers of industry-specific software. Our enterprise resource planning and supply chain solutions are uniquely designed to meet the needs of specialized manufacturers and distributors in over 20 industries.

Website: www.aptean.com.

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Talent Works enables organizations to scale through powerful talent attraction solutions.

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