Tech Recruitment: Understanding Tech Talent Infographic

Tech talent is in high demand; tech scaleups and businesses are booming as a result of the last 12 months while other organisations from almost every industry imaginable are looking to digitise and keep up in a tech-first era. We’re currently in a candidate driven market when it comes to recruiting tech talent; with the number of jobs available at a record high but not enough candidates to fill them.

Therefore to recruit top tech talent, businesses of all sizes – whether they’re startups, scaleups or enterprise names – need to work hard to adapt their offering and appeal to candidates. Employer branding and EVP messaging has never been so vital; it’s how you cut through the noise and celebrate your points of difference.

However, how do you know what candidates really want? Where do they look for jobs? And what are their plans for their next career move? Luckily, we surveyed 200 tech candidates in the UK to help employers like you understand their attitudes to work and recruitment in 2021.

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73% of Tech Talent would consider working for a startup

When surveyed, almost three quarters of respondents said they would consider working at a startup business in the future. Reasons for this included a chance to make an impact on a business, more opportunities to learn and the atmosphere startups provide. However, male respondents were more likely than females to make the move into scaling businesses.

Female tech talent prioritise diversity in the workplace

We asked the respondents to rank what was most important to them in an employer choosing between remote work, diversity and inclusion, company reputation, job security, salary and progression opportunities. The females we surveyed prioritised diversity whilst males valued progression more.

36% would use a recruiter for their next role

When we asked where tech talent would look for their next job, the majority said they would use a recruiter or recruitment agency. 25% of respondents would use their own network while 23% would look on a job board.

Under 35s are 2x more likely to use social media in their job search

As you know we’re big advocates of using social media and paid media campaigns for recruitment. It turns out that this is a great way to connect with younger tech talent as under 35s are twice as likely to use social media to look for a new job than over 35s, prioritising platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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