Talent Works and KCoe Isom Launch New Campaign to Meet Accelerated Growth Demands

Top 100 food and agriculture consulting and accounting firm partners with the Recruitment Processing Outsource (RPO) provider to meet ambitious growth plan

Fresno, Jackson, Kansas City, Nashville and Wichita: 13th October, 2021: Recruitment Processing Outsourcing Provider (RPO) Talent Works and KCoe Isom have launched a new campaign to help the food and agriculture consulting firm as part of its plan to double revenues by 2025.

Talent Works is working with KCoe Isom hiring managers to meet the accelerated demand of roles to support tax and accounting requirements for every part of the agriculture industry. KCoe Isom is expanding in many of its locations, including Fresno, Jackson, Kansas City, Nashville and Wichita. Talent Works and KCoe Isom are building a flexible and resilient talent acquisition strategy designed to appeal to those wanting a better work-life balance while working for a top 100 leader in the space.

According to KCoe Isom’s People Strategy Leader Christina Ricke, the hiring team is always looking for innovative ways to accomplish its goals:

“Talent Works is a complement to the incredible recruiting team, talent coaches and teams we have in place. The Talent Works team is helping us to scale the company faster than we would have been able to on our own, putting in place a strategic RPO strategy that is successfully sourcing a wide variety of talent to meet the broad range of skills we need to grow.”

The new hiring strategy also works in tandem with KCoe Isom’s technology and innovation-led growth program, which is focused on using Artificial Intelligence (AI) led automation to take on manual tasks such as invoicing and other back office processes. It means that those in junior roles may be able to move past a focus on data entry to fast forward their careers to providing more client-facing value-added services.

“KCoe Isom’s technology focus underpins its dedication to creating a culture that supports accelerated career growth,” said Jody Robie, SVP Talent Works. “With competition for talent at an all-time high, we’re pleased that KCoe Isom has partnered with Talent Works as its RPO provider of choice. We are dedicated to helping the company grow by providing the flexibility, agility and expertise required to meet the daily demands of ambitious talent acquisition.”


About KCoe Isom

KCoe Isom is a top 100 accounting firm and the nation’s leading food and agriculture consulting firm.  With roots dating back to 1932, the firm has expanded upon traditional accounting services to deliver increased value and growth for clients through comprehensive policy-to-plate strategies, and advisory in the areas of sustainability, federal affairs, land conservation, wealth management, succession planning, and talent strategy – to name a few.  KCoe Isom provides insight and solutions for the food and ag, biofuels, manufacturing, construction, and banking industries.  The firm serves domestic and international clientele from ten states, spanning coast-to-coast offices. Visit www.kcoe.com.

About Talent Works

Talent Works enables organizations to scale through powerful talent attraction solutions.

Allowing businesses to realize their true potential through talented people. They combine RPO, Recruitment Marketing and Digital Resourcing solutions that deliver unparalleled results that scale with an organization’s needs. Most importantly, they place the organization at the heart of everything they do. Building, enhancing and amplifying employer brand, reflecting culture and ambition.

Website: https://www.talent-works.com/

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