Does outsourcing tech recruitment require a six-figure budget?

When you think of outsourcing tech recruitment, you may imagine quite an expensive undertaking if you wish for the project to succeed. After all, recruitment can often be a costly endeavour whether you carry it out in-house or outsource to a contingent recruitment agency or RPO provider. Advertising vacancies, sourcing candidates, taking the time out to screen or interview, and even negotiating salaries; recruitment has many costs and can be incredibly time consuming – particularly when your senior team is focused on scaling.

With almost every business currently competing for the same technical candidates, tech recruitment is becoming even more challenging. Therefore, it’s becoming even more costly to get right, which is why many HR leaders and Talent Acquisition teams are looking to RPO providers for help. A specialist tech RPO provider can offer expertise in recruiting highly sought-after technical roles such as full-stack developers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers. They have existing networks and talent pools that can help you explore more innovative solutions for talent acquisition, including digital attraction, employer branding, and direct sourcing techniques. Therefore, we can’t blame many scaling tech businesses for thinking RPO is an expensive approach to recruitment and may require huge budgets. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

 If you find an RPO provider who shares your vision, businesses of all sizes could benefit hugely from outsourcing some of your recruitment processes, and it shouldn’t have to cost the earth. Outsourcing recruitment is not only for large scale corporations with unlimited budgets, and here’s why:

Flexible Outsourcing

Finding an external recruitment partner may bring to mind visions of long-term contracts and set in stone partnerships. Outsourcing recruitment seems like a huge commitment and one that many scaling businesses cannot commit to when managing the uncertainty of business growth. However, with more agile and flexible RPO models available, which are more suited to scaling businesses, RPO is becoming more accessible for everyone. At Talent Works, for example, we understand that companies don’t need to hire constantly throughout the year. There will inevitably be some slower months, and your budget will be better spent elsewhere. This is why we developed a subscription-based, flexible RPO model to help our clients with tech recruitment. Our services can be scaled up and down to suit recruitment demand.

A flexible approach to RPO could become much more affordable than using a contingent agency for your tech recruitment, and you’ll see better quality hires which will save recruitment costs in the long run. Plus, RPO providers can help you think of longer-term recruitment strategies which could prove to save you money in the future; it’s not just about filling roles. Working as a strategic talent partner, they’ll help you to improve your recruitment process for years to come building a standout employer brand, working on your messaging, and ensuring employee retention rates remain.

Digital Attraction

Outsourcing recruitment needn’t always be expensive because there are so many new innovative talent acquisition strategies that can work for a range of budgets. Digital attraction for one means reaching relevant candidates with specific skillsets and experience for a very low cost. Finding an RPO provider who is an expert in digital talent attraction solutions means that you could run cost-effective recruitment campaigns that generate incredible results and benefit from the expertise of digital marketing experts.

Using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, and TikTok, to name but a few, you can ensure your ads are seen by tech talent in the online spaces they spend time. Social media and paid media platforms are incredibly cost-effective as you can ensure the entirety of your budget is used on relevant people through detailed targeting capabilities. You’re not wasting money showing job ads to less qualified candidates, which is often an issue on job boards. Plus, digital attraction could help save you money in the long run as you’ll be able to simultaneously raise employer brand awareness on social media, build an engaged talent pool, and advertise vacancies that will help future hiring needs.

Get to know your organisation

If you believe in your organisation, have a clear vision and know exactly the types of people you want to recruit, you may feel that outsourcing your tech recruitment is a waste of money. However, the right RPO provider will take all of these aspects into consideration. They’ll work as though they are (or are an extension of) your in-house recruitment team, meaning they’ll advocate for your business and know the ins and outs of your culture, values, and mission. This means that you don’t have to worry about the candidates not gaining the full scope of your business just because someone else is taking over recruitment. The recruitment organisation you partner with will become an extension of you and will be willing to succeed as much as any of your team members, meaning they’ll go the extra mile to find the talent to help your business scale.

Reinvest Recruitment Budgets

With a tech RPO provider, you may not want to recruit a specific number of developers every month. This isn’t feasible for scaling businesses. However, with more of a strategic recruitment partner, you can reinvest these budgets in other areas of the recruitment process to address priorities. Perhaps you would like to work on your employer brand or refine your candidate experience. Maybe you’d like to build a talent pool of tech candidates ready when you gain more funding and roles become available. Or, perhaps you’d like to conduct some market research into the talent market where you are or where you’d like to be, discovering what talent is available and their motivations for joining companies. An RPO provider can help with all of this. We know that recruitment budgets may not always be needed for new hires for smaller businesses as no one wants to scale too quickly. However, being intelligent and reinvesting these budgets in areas that could significantly help your future recruitment. It could ensure you’re in a better position to attract leading software developers, engineers, and other tech talent when the time is right, saving you money in the long run.

So, in conclusion, RPO providers don’t need huge recruitment budgets and can, in fact, save you money in the long run. Collaborating with a tech recruitment partner can allow you to flexibly hire for the roles you need urgently and build a more strategic approach to talent acquisition that will help as your business scales and needs to hire more technical talent.

At Talent Works, our unique flexible approach to tech RPO was designed with scale-ups in mind. You can scale our services up and down to meet recruitment demand, with no long-term commitments and less risk.

Our in-house research, digital, creative and sourcing teams are experts in finding the best tech talent to help businesses scale, even if the roles are incredibly difficult to source. Our teams know what it takes to stand out in a crowded recruitment market and have a history of helping some of the world’s most exciting tech scaleups to source leading technical talent from cinch to Molo, Moderna to Motional. To find out how we can help you and to talk to us about becoming recruitment partners for your next hiring project, contact us.