Tech RPO

What is Tech RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is when an organization hands over their recruitment processes in their entirety to an external provider. Tech RPO refers to the same process but exclusively for tech recruitment.

Why use an RPO provider for your tech recruitment?

There are several reasons to use a dedicated RPO provider:

1. RPO providers are recruitment specialists – they have ready-made talent pools, knowledge of where to find candidates and experience in finding the right people for the right positions.

2. The projected growth rate for tech jobs in the US in 2022 is nearly twice the national jobs rate. One of the issues organizations face in their recruitment is hiring the right candidates. A tech RPO provider can assist with locating the right talent as well as improving your organization’s EVP.

3. As well as helping locate potential candidates, dedicated tech RPO providers have specialist knowledge of what skills are required for tech opportunities and what type of people will fit an organization’s culture.

4. Some Tech RPO providers offer additional services that may benefit organizations looking to hire. As an example, Talent Works can offer its clients support with their Employer Brand and Recruitment Marketing. These components are increasingly important in the recruitment world, therefore, can make the difference between good and bad recruitment.

What are the issues with hiring tech talent?

As technology is a rapidly-evolving sector, the need for talent is currently ahead of the supply. Though this means there’s an abundance of vacancies in the tech sector, many businesses require at least a bachelor’s degree. This reluctance to hire people without a degree excludes many STARs (Skilled Through Alternative Routes) candidates who are job-ready and likely have the required skills. Another issue that plagues the tech industry is a lack of diversity. This stems from the same issue – businesses demand certain qualifications which leads to them choosing candidates from the same pool, and often missing out on those who may have the skills and experience, but not the qualifications.

The challenges of using in-house recruitment for tech hires.

Using in-house recruitment for tech hires can seem like a good idea, as no one understands your organization like you. The reality though, is that it can use up huge amounts of time and resource. You need to ensure your Employer Brand is attractive, complete any admin work related to the hiring and also, find the talent, engage them and get them to apply. These tasks can eat up time and need specialist experience to get the best results. In-house recruiters may also be more used to a softer approach, which is in contrast with external providers who would likely be a bit more aggressive with their search. Another thing to take into consideration is that an RPO provider would likely be on commission, whereas an internal recruiter will often be a salaried position and less results driven.

How to identify the best RPO providers?

A tell-tale sign of a great RPO recruiter is sector-specific experience. If they have a track record of success in the industry you’re looking to make hires in, that’s a positive. What kind of offer they have is also an indicator of what type of organization they are. Do they offer fixed and flexible solutions? Some organizations won’t need constant hiring – they may just be looking to scale at the present time. A great RPO provider won’t lock you in – they will most likely be able to offer you the flexibility you require. Does the provider understand your business? Some organizations’ positions require particular experience and skillsets. Understanding these and their importance to the company is paramount – they can be the difference between a hire being a good fit or not.
Something else to consider with any RPO provider is how they measure their results. Do their metrics align with your organization’s KPIs? Understanding their measuring is vital, as it can inform your recruiting process. In addition, understanding their reporting can help you monitor the return on investment (ROI) and inform your future recruitment drives.

Do the people seem like a good fit with your organization?

Although many of the above points are vital when considering an RPO provider, one thing that can be the deciding factor, is whether the people are a good fit for your business. After all, people are the centre of the whole relationship. If the provider fits well with your organization, it will make all the difference.

Company culture is an essential aspect of recruitment and defines the experience of working at an organization. However, because every business is different, there’s no exact science to determine company culture. This is why it’s crucial to get an RPO provider that understands it. If they do, they’ll more than likely know what type of people are a good fit with your business.

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is what will drive your company culture. This is what you offer your employees and includes everything you do to attract and retain talent. It’s more than beers on a Friday afternoon or a ping-pong table – it’s everything; salary, perks, bonuses and rewards, but it also encapsulates the things about a company that aren’t tangible – working environment, values etc. Sometimes these aspects can be more enticing to people than a higher salary or better bonuses. A great RPO provider can help you improve your EVP and boost your Employer Brand, making your organization a more attractive proposition for candidates.

If you’re thinking about working with an RPO provider, we’d love to pitch for you. With specialisms in the tech sector and helping businesses expand their technical and digital capacities, we help some of the world’s most exciting enterprises scale.

As an RPO provider based in the UK, US, and more recently, South Africa, our teams have truly global reach and can help you expand into new territories.

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