Tech Recruitment

Is the pandemic changing the tech recruitment calendar?

January has always been a hectic month for recruitment. Jobs always factor into induvial goals for the year, and as a result, the New Year, New Job mindset is strong. After the downtime of Christmas, January seems like the perfect time for businesses to start hiring new roles and for candidates to start looking for […]

What are the top priorities for tech recruiters in 2022?

The 2021 Recruiter Nation Report claims that 80% of recruiters’ priorities have shifted when it comes to talent acquisition. It’s no surprise, as the talent market has changed dramatically after the last two years. We’ve gone from employers holding power to a candidate-driven market, with more vacancies than available talent leading to never-seen-before levels of competition. Candidates […]

Are more tech candidates now returning to their previous employers?

There’s a phrase dominating recruitment headlines at the minute, and that phrase is “boomerang employees.” But, what does this mean? And how can employers use this to their advantage when planning tech recruitment strategies for 2022? For the last few months, data showed that more people were resigning from their jobs than ever before, which […]

A Tech Pulse Q&A with MassTLC’s Tom Hopcroft

MassTLC President and CEO Tom Hopcroft talks to Talent Works’ Jody Robie about the technology leadership council’s recent Tech Pulse Executive Survey, and top investment areas cited by Massachusetts tech leaders. Key report highlights can be found here.  Q: The research found that companies are seeking greater visibility to support talent acquisition – what did […]

Will 2022 be the year of people analytics in tech recruitment?

People analytics is defined as the data-driven and goal-focused method of studying the people processes, functions, challenges, and opportunities at work and using the learnings to achieve business success. When it comes to bringing in talent and retaining teams, a data-driven approach could revolutionise the results of talent teams in a range of industries. As […]

The most in-demand skills for tech scaleups in 2022

At the time of year when many of us are drawing up plans for talent acquisition and hiring in the next year, knowing which skillsets to look out for or which will take a little longer to source could give you a competitive advantage. For example, it can help you to plan when you begin hiring for specific roles to align with your growth plans; some high-demand skills may take longer to recruit for. Plus, it can help you to identify a high-quality candidate, as you’ll know which skills are seen as most valuable in your industry.

The most in-demand skills are constantly changing. As consumer needs change, business priorities alter, and so do the skills needed to achieve goals and objectives. Right now, we’re seeing a surge in demand for digital and tech skills, as this is where consumer behaviours are going. But will the skills in demand in 2022 be the same as those everyone is searching for right now?

Is tech key to evolving your recruitment approach for 2022?

The world of HR tech is growing rapidly. New programmes and software are emerging every day to help with the recruitment process and your people strategy and employee engagement. For example, talent management technology can help identify staffing requirements, develop employees and recruit or onboard new team members. In addition, tech can be used for the entire hiring process and performance management, succession planning and learning and development.