employee benefits

Exploring the new approach to workplace benefits

The role of benefits at work has changed significantly. What was once an additional perk to help entice candidates has quickly become necessary to enhance their experience and lifestyle. Fully stocked beer fridges and ping-pong tables have had their day. Once upon a time, the more quirky or fun a benefit was, the more a business stood out in the eyes of candidates. But, the last two years have proven that benefits should be just that, a benefit, not something fun and out there to add to your employer brand communications. Benefits shouldn’t be there to capture attention but rather to enhance the lives of employees significantly.

Is employee wellbeing becoming the ultimate work perk?

Over the last year, the world of work has been at a standstill, and it’s allowed employers to look at their employer brand and EVP more carefully. As a result, they’ve been able to take a step back and assess what is truly important to their people. This has led to a benefit rethink across a whole range of industries, and now it seems many are promoting employee wellbeing and mental health.

The Importance of Learning and Development Opportunities in a Scaleup

When scaling a business, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to invest your money. It’s tempting to place as much as possible on methods to bring in new leads and new business which will fuel your growth quickly. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of investing in your employees and team, their skills and the […]

Why now is the perfect time to review your company culture

Many businesses have had to shift to remote working to keep employees safe and thus has left leaders with the ability to have a new perspective. Being physically away from the office space and your team enables you to hold your company culture up to the mirror, giving you the chance to see your business […]

Remote working: Are work-life boundaries getting blurred?

Is remote working always a benefit? Research has shown that remote working can increase productivity levels, promote better health and wellbeing amongst employees and, in turn, increase retention levels. As well as this, research shows that 80% of remote workers have higher morale and lower stress levels. These benefits can be due to employees having […]

What matters most to candidates? Pay, culture, purpose?

Research by LinkedIn has found that the most crucial part of a job advert is the salary range. This may not seem all that surprising. However, research by Glassdoor also shows that candidates are looking for more than just money from their new role. What do candidates want? The answer to this question isn’t simple. […]

The case for a flexible working policy

5 Key Benefits Only 50% of UK employers offer flexible working. Yet, research shows that 87% of the UK’s full-time workforce wants to work flexibly, and 73% of the workforce want a workplace culture where people are judged on the work they do rather than the hours they put in. As well as this, new […]