employee benefits

Entry-level positions: how to ensure longevity

Retention strategies for early-career employees Expectations that entry-level employees are only looking to join a company for the short-term can ultimately cause a self-fulfilling prophecy. If employers see no need to invest in people because they expect them to leave, those employees will inevitably leave. Often, this expectation is false, making the outcome avoidable. When […]

5 steps to building a multi-brand EVP

What is an EVP? Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) defines why your company is different to others you might be competing with for candidates. Katharine Newton, Head of Insight at Talent Works, defines an EVP as a compelling description of the most defining and differentiating aspects of what an organisation offers, and what’s expected of […]

Unlimited holidays and the 4-day week: The future, or a fad?

The unlimited holidays concept has been quickly gaining traction over the last few years. A never-ending amount of time to spend with your family, catching up on boxsets, and traveling. It seems genius, right? Especially in this current culture in which employee wellbeing is being given ever higher precedent. More companies are realising the benefits […]

What environments produce a happy workforce?

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime, so the impact this environment can have on our outlook, on life and health, is massive. The average person spends a third of each and every day in their place of work, so the quality and associations of the workplace makes a real […]

What are the Top Employee Benefits?

The top issue shaping employers’ benefits strategies in 2017 is their desire to improve employee engagement, however budget restraints remain the biggest barrier to introducing the benefits they would like to offer. When tight budgets are in place, it is crucial that employees are taken into consideration and asked what benefits they would appreciate and […]

Unlimited Holidays – Too good to be true?

An unlimited holiday allowance is not a new phenomenon but up until recently it was a benefit which was rarely found outside of Silicon Valley tech companies. Although most companies offering this benefit are US-based, companies such as digital agency VisualSoft, social media agency Social Chain and technology platform JustPark are leading the way in […]

What’s in it for me?

It’s something our research for corporate clients has uncovered time and time again; it is the employees in an organisation that provide the biggest advantage and greatest differentiator. As one of the greatest assets to a business, leaders should be doing their utmost to position employees for success through motivation and appreciation, whether incentives are […]

Busting the myth that Millennials are work-shy

All four generations have been subjected to some pretty negative stereotyping over the years with Millennials – the generation born between 1982 and 1994 – coming in for some particularly harsh criticism it’s fair to say (and no I’m not a Millennial!). Millennials, also known as Generation Y, have often been dismissed as workshy, irresponsible […]

The importance of making good communication easy

“Employees can experience an increase in morale, productivity and commitment if they are able to communicate up and down the communication chain in an organization” – Jennifer Lombardo, Business Ethics at Study.com Good communication in the workplace is key – whether that’s briefing a piece of work, delivering team news, or updating the company on the annual performance. The […]