employee value proposition

Recruitment terminology: Defining those key words

Have you ever been in a meeting in which people keep throwing around an acronym, and you have no idea what it means? As the meeting goes on, it seems like you’ve left it far too long to ask. Post-meeting, you take to Google to try and work out what on earth everyone was talking […]

Remote working: Are work-life boundaries getting blurred?

Is remote working always a benefit? Research has shown that remote working can increase productivity levels, promote better health and wellbeing amongst employees and, in turn, increase retention levels. As well as this, research shows that 80% of remote workers have higher morale and lower stress levels. These benefits can be due to employees having […]

What matters most to candidates? Pay, culture, purpose?

Research by LinkedIn has found that the most crucial part of a job advert is the salary range. This may not seem all that surprising. However, research by Glassdoor also shows that candidates are looking for more than just money from their new role. What do candidates want? The answer to this question isn’t simple. […]

Open-plan offices: Productivity winner or killer?

According to research, “the UK has twice as many open-plan offices as the global average.” The conversation surrounding open-plan offices is widespread and often conflicting. Depending on who you talk to you get a different viewpoint. Some people say open-plan offices are the ideal environment for collaboration and creativity. Others say open-plan offices are the […]

5 steps to building a multi-brand EVP

What is an EVP? Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) defines why your company is different to others you might be competing with for candidates. Katharine Newton, Head of Insight at Talent Works, defines an EVP as a compelling description of the most defining and differentiating aspects of what an organisation offers, and what’s expected of […]

The benefits of mindfulness in the workplace

Research shows that employees who work long hours have a higher risk of stroke than those working standard hours. In a culture of overwork, pushing yourself too hard becomes a self-defeating cycle. No one can continue to push themselves beyond their limits before burnout becomes inevitable. Burnout then leads to a significant reduction in motivation […]

Unlimited holidays and the 4-day week: The future, or a fad?

The unlimited holidays concept has been quickly gaining traction over the last few years. A never-ending amount of time to spend with your family, catching up on boxsets, and traveling. It seems genius, right? Especially in this current culture in which employee wellbeing is being given ever higher precedent. More companies are realising the benefits […]

The psychology of teams and why uniformity doesn’t work

We’re people, not machines This is a good thing and something that is fundamental for a productive, thriving workforce. Without difference in teams, ideas wouldn’t be born, created and implemented. So, next time you wish you were more logical or more creative, remember that it’s the interplay that makes everything possible. It needs the people […]