How to Identify and Resolve Workplace Conflict

When people interact and work together within the same work environment, conflict is bound to arise. Even after thoroughly screening and interviewing applicants, frictions and disagreements are inevitable when the recruits start working together. Workplace conflict can happen in various ways. It could be between two team members, among the whole workforce, between team leaders […]

The social diversity blind spot

Earlier this year, in a white paper about the UK’s social mobility problem, Talent Works called on employers to address their social diversity ‘blind spot’ and incorporate class in their diversity agendas. Things have taken an interesting turn since then. Last month, the BBC announced that it was considering setting targets regarding the socio-economic class […]

Should recruitment companies be threatened by AI?

Should recruitment companies be threatened by AI? With many developments in technology – mobile, social, cloud and big data are changing the way that we work, Artificial Intelligence is beginning to disrupt certain industries. AI is all around you, but you may not have any awareness of it. AI is a collective term for computer systems […]

The Regional Complexity of Youth

Understanding the different generations in the workplace today is fast becoming a top priority for UK employers, especially now there are as many as four different generations working alongside each other. Studies like our own Project Gen Up are making great strides towards understanding the multi-generational workplace, but recent research from accountants EY reminds us […]