future of work

The rise of environmental EVPs

Environmental issues are becoming more of a talking point than ever, and many of us are starting to prioritise the impact we have on the environment in our daily lives. More of us than ever are conscious about how we travel, the amount of waste we produce, and other renowned factors for damaging the planet. […]

Are hybrid businesses testing the psychology of work?

The idea of hybrid working is nothing new. In fact, it’s all many of us have been talking about for the last year. Some workers thrive in the office, whereas some work better in their own space with a bit of flexibility. We’re all different and find ourselves in different life situations. Therefore, for many […]

The Employer Branding Challenges We’ll Face in Hybrid Work

For a company to produce a happy, productive, and engaged workforce remotely, organisations will need to leverage an employer brand fit for 2021 and beyond. Your employer brand needs to satisfy basic psychological needs around purpose, impact, and belonging. A 2021 employer brand is all about balancing candidate expectations with the needs of the business. To promote a hybrid culture you need to consider all changing aspects of the business.

However, previously, the office has always been a central hub for company culture and your employer brand. It’s a physical space that represents your business and who you are. The office is where all employees can be together and bounce ideas around or even just have crucial watercooler conversations that make going to work so much more than a job. The office almost becomes a poster for your employer brand and with at least half of the team no longer working from it, this presents some huge challenges for employers.

As hybrid working is set to change the way we work and our attitudes towards the workplace, it’s also set to change the way we view employer brands and how employers can communicate them.

What do the Budget announcements mean for recruitment in 2021?

With unemployment rising, getting individuals – and importantly, keeping individuals – in work is vital when it comes to stimulating and stabilising the economy as we emerge out of the Covid-19 crisis. This issue was confronted head on when Rishi Sunak took to the podium earlier this month to deliver the 2021 Budget and announced […]

Sustaining an inclusive company culture with hybrid working

There’s a lot of talk about the future of work right now, with many companies coming to realise that their employees would prefer the option to work from home at least some of the time. In fact, only 12% of employees are willing to work full-time from an office in the future. A hybrid approach to working […]