How to improve your employer brand with Glassdoor

Glassdoor is changing the way candidates search for jobs and how companies recruit the best talent. With 32 million unique monthly users worldwide, Glassdoor is one of the key components for building and maintaining an employer brand. We all use online reviews, whether we’re buying a new car or looking for a holiday, so why […]

7 tips to improve Candidate Experience

Candidate experiences are like my DIY projects at home. Forever a work in progress. So for now, let’s ignore everything you could do, and focus on what you should do. Task number 1: think like a candidate, not like a recruiter. A change of perspective may be the most important change you’ll ever make. Seeing the world of employment […]

4 things we learned from The FIRM Conference 2016

In late November, our Brand and Insight team attended the FIRM London Winter Conference to present their Gen Up project: a research programme investigating the new complexities of a multi-generational workplace. And while we were busy sharing our knowledge with all the attendees, we also learned a thing or two along the way: Employer brands […]