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Inclusive Team: How to Attract Diverse Talents to Your Team

Having a diverse team is almost a necessity for every organization that is focused on growth. Besides being a way of fulfilling the law in some countries, a diverse team is a valuable asset that any organization can leverage. Bringing in people who have different perspectives results in increased creativity and innovation. Decision-making and problem […]

10 How to Tips for Hiring Someone in the Remote Working World

For many people, staying at home became the new normal during the global pandemic.  The new normal it was known as.  Many businesses were forced to rethink their employee’s working conditions.  There was a move to remote working and online team meetings.  Indeed, some businesses have continued this model even after restrictions were lifted.  How […]

How to Engage Remote Employees: Strategies Backed by Research

Our latest guest blog by Sam McRyan explores how to keep engage remote employees and enhance the employee experience, especially during the second wave of Coronavirus: In recent years we have seen a rise in remote workers across all industries. COVID-19 has also contributed to increased numbers of people who work from home. But, why […]

Top 5 reasons why your company should be data-driven in 2020

Companies that are insights-driven are 2.8 times more likely to report double-digit growth yearly in comparison to brands not leveraging data. Utilising data to upscale your business and make better decisions is a tricky thing to undertake as most businesses think as if they do not have enough data to use or look to data as a reporting tool.   […]

18 Internal Communication Strategies for 2020

How you communicate a message is as important as the message itself. When it comes to internal communications, this certainly holds true. Company culture can give your organisation a major strategic advantage in these changing times. But what your culture consists of – goals, values, and practices – must be effectively transmitted according to best practices if […]

Be Cautious of Employee Disconnect Post Covid-19

As a response to restrictions imposed on office working as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, employers were forced to shut their doors and enforce working from home where reasonably possible. Research carried out by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found that nearly half of the UK workforce took to working from home following […]

7 Ways to Help Your Employees Avoid “Work-From-Home” Burnout

For many businesses, as well as their employees, remote work offers a lot of flexibility and freedom. But, It is not all sunshine. Remote work is not a dream come true to all employees, especially for those who had to haphazardly pivot to teleworking because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work comes with many concerns […]

How Can We Keep Employees Engaged During the Work-From-Home Lockdown?

Keeping employees engaged and motivated isn’t always easy, even when they’re in the office, but when your team works from home it means you need to think a little more creatively to ensure they’re happy and engaged. As we all try to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, it’s largely technology that’s helping us to stay […]