jody robie

What Netflix can teach HR leaders about employee engagement

Right now, there’s nothing we all love more than a Netflix series or a film night in front of our favorite streaming service. It seems to be all anyone can talk about. The excitement of finding a new series is almost magical, and it’s the sort of enthusiasm employers wish could be translated to their business. So, […]

Are Recruiters About to Become Extinct?

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, artificial intelligence is taking the world of recruitment by storm. New technologies are emerging that can help the recruitment process, eliminating the need for humans in basic admin tasks like resume screening, interview scheduling, and even automated candidate sourcing. Automations reduce the time to hire and significantly cut […]

Preparing for 2021: How can we plan when there is no plan?

It’s already October. To many of us, myself included, it feels like this year has passed us by in a flash, but yet we also can’t wait to see the end of it. It’s usually around this time of year that I begin planning for the year ahead; however, right now, it’s hard to prepare […]

The 4 C’s of Supporting Your Employees Today

This September feels different… I always love the change of season and the anticipation of change for many of us, as we start to focus on what we wanted to accomplish this year. Typically, the kids are ready for school, and the vacation mindset of summer is replaced by a real drive to get back […]

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in the New Normal

Our Senior VP of North America Jody Robie recently hosted a webinar with BABCNE and Rick McKenna Founder of My Things App which will be launching in August to discuss the challenges businesses will face attracting and retaining talent in the new normal. The British American Business Council of New England fosters business development and […]

Are You Ready to Relaunch and Repair Your Employer Brand?

During this time, the role of leaders is more vital than ever. COVID-19 will present defining moments for many businesses and the people driving them forward. Some organizations have done amazing things to support their employees and the community. Others have overlooked the importance of employee safety or rushed to take extreme cost-cutting measures to […]

Why now is the perfect time to review your company culture

Many businesses have had to shift to remote working to keep employees safe and thus has left leaders with the ability to have a new perspective. Being physically away from the office space and your team enables you to hold your company culture up to the mirror, giving you the chance to see your business […]

The Qualities a Great Leader Needs in Times of Crisis

It can’t be denied that we’re living in unprecedented times. Instead of planning quarter to quarter, we are forced to plan day by day. The only thing I know for certain is that schools in Massachusetts will be closed until May 4th and I’m glad I have older kids who can participate in online school […]