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Could TikTok be the future of graduate and apprenticeship recruitment?

TikTok is taking over, that’s undeniable. Throughout 2020 it seems everyone has been joining in with challenges, learning dance routines and finding themselves lost in the TikTok bubble for hours on end. So, we’re asking, could TikTok help your future recruitment efforts? Let’s be honest; you’d be forgiven if you thought TikTok isn’t really a […]

The importance of monitoring recruitment marketing campaigns

Our paid media blog series has so far consisted of discussion around its importance to recruitment, and how a shortage of knowledge is holding back the industry. However, as an increasing number of businesses are beginning to recognise the possibilities it can offer, we discuss the benefits of regularly monitoring recruitment marketing campaigns. Reduces the likelihood of mistakes […]

How to run effective recruitment marketing campaigns

Companies competing for talent in a candidate-driven market, in an era of minimal attention span have got it harder than ever. It seems like the expectation for everyone to be a marketer grows every day. From eye-catching, creative campaigns to seamless, technology-led candidate journeys, a marketing-centric approach to talent attraction is becoming a top priority […]

How important is paid media in recruitment?

In the first instalment of our blog series exploring the role of paid media in recruitment, we discussed how a lack of knowledge was having a negative impact. The focus of this piece is on the role paid advertising can play in fulfilling a recruitment requirement. Businesses currently looking to hire are facing a number […]

Optimise your content to attract talent

Content marketing is used by some of the most prominent organisations in the world, for both digital marketing purposes and talent attraction campaigns. Content is integral to the future of digital marketing. It can be defined as “marketing that tries to attract customers by distributing informational content potentially useful to the target audience, rather than […]

Our top 5 campaigns celebrating IWD

To celebrate International Women’s Day we collated the advertising campaigns that we found the most empowering and inspiring for women of all ages and ethnicities from recent years. Goldieblox Superbowl commercial Agency: RPA 2014 Toy manufacturer Goldieblox, who looks to inspire and educate girls about the STEM industries, scored a Superbowl commercial spot after winning […]

Instagram, is it making or breaking your business?

I guarantee it could be doing more As the algorithm strengthens, so does the difficulty of getting your posts seen. Don’t engage with an account for a certain amount of time? They will no longer appear on your feed. Gone are the days of perusing your feed and seeing posts from everyone you follow chronologically. […]

Our Takeaways from the CIPD Conference

The CIPD hosted its 70th annual conference and exhibition last week in Manchester. The CIPD conference is the largest HR event in the UK and attracts over 4000 attendees each year. The theme this year was all about embracing the new world of work and focussed on the major shifts that are currently affecting organisations, […]

A Night at the Firm Awards

We attended The Firm Awards last Thursday at 8 Northumberland Avenue. The event was a real celebration of the wide-ranging Online Recruitment Industry. The event was extremely inspiring and despite being extremely close to where the devastating attacks happened just days before, there was a real sense of positivity and a celebratory tone to the evening. The […]