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Five scenarios where you may need to outsource recruitment support

When you’re a talent acquisition specialist, bringing in external help is a huge decision, and there can often be a bit of a stigma attached to it. Many believe that outsourcing recruitment or asking for the help of an RPO provider creates the connotation that your existing talent function isn’t working and that you need help to do your job. However, enlisting an RPO agency to work as a recruitment partner is a strategic way of finding this support without making permanent or hard to reverse decisions. In many cases, it’s a more cost effective and intelligent way of solving talent acquisition challenges.

6 Outsourcing Myths About Tech Recruitment That Need Busting

RPO is an effective solution that is perfect for businesses of all sizes. These recruitment specialists put your business at the heart of everything they do, taking the time to understand your culture and needs, enabling them to act as a trusted, strategic recruitment partner. Unlike those agencies who want to make a hire and move onto the next role for financial gain, RPO agencies care about your mission and enjoy a longstanding relationship. While they could be more costly, the results speak for themselves with higher quality candidates, reduced turnover and even faster hiring times.

Does outsourcing tech recruitment require a six-figure budget?

When you think of outsourcing tech recruitment, you may imagine quite an expensive undertaking if you wish for the project to succeed. After all, recruitment can often be a costly endeavour whether you carry it out in-house or outsource to a contingent recruitment agency or RPO provider. Advertising vacancies, sourcing candidates, taking the time out […]

10 Questions We’re Frequently Asked About Flexible RPO

We’re an agile RPO provider, which means many businesses who are trying to scale trust us with their hiring projects and recruitment strategies. As a result, it’s no surprise that we get asked a lot questions about what RPO is and what is means for businesses within the tech industry. Demand for talent in the […]

How to run an employer brand agency selection process

Choosing an agency to manage your employer branding process is not an easy task. Developing and leveraging a talent brand is key to improving talent acquisition, employee retention and engagement across the business. In other words, it’s a long-term investment that has enormous significance to an employer. Creating an identity that summarises who you are […]

Our guide to recruiting remotely as restrictions ease

With more than half of UK firms announcing plans to hire new staff in the next three months, the tech recruitment landscape feels like a much more positive place to be. Hiring is picking up again, especially within the tech sector, where roles are being seen as essential for business continuity and progression. However, with […]

Choosing an RPO Provider: How to Avoid the HiPPO

When outsourcing your recruitment process, the agency you choose to act as your talent partner is the most crucial decision you’ll ever make. An agency’s expertise, experience and network will help you recruit the best talent needed to scale your organisation. With any RPO, the agency you work with will act as strategic partners for […]

How to plan for future tech hires when you can’t forecast

Over the last few years your business may have had to adapt and the future may look completely different from what you previously envisioned in a five-year plan. However, right now, it feels like we’re living in some sort of Groundhog Day. We’re facing yet another lockdown, and plans for the future once again have […]