Remote Working

Are hybrid businesses testing the psychology of work?

The idea of hybrid working is nothing new. In fact, it’s all many of us have been talking about for the last year. Some workers thrive in the office, whereas some work better in their own space with a bit of flexibility. We’re all different and find ourselves in different life situations. Therefore, for many […]

The Employer Branding Challenges We’ll Face in Hybrid Work

For a company to produce a happy, productive, and engaged workforce remotely, organisations will need to leverage an employer brand fit for 2021 and beyond. Your employer brand needs to satisfy basic psychological needs around purpose, impact, and belonging. A 2021 employer brand is all about balancing candidate expectations with the needs of the business. To promote a hybrid culture you need to consider all changing aspects of the business.

However, previously, the office has always been a central hub for company culture and your employer brand. It’s a physical space that represents your business and who you are. The office is where all employees can be together and bounce ideas around or even just have crucial watercooler conversations that make going to work so much more than a job. The office almost becomes a poster for your employer brand and with at least half of the team no longer working from it, this presents some huge challenges for employers.

As hybrid working is set to change the way we work and our attitudes towards the workplace, it’s also set to change the way we view employer brands and how employers can communicate them.

The Future of Remote Work: What Can We Expect?

Everyone is talking about the future of work and whether we will end up back in the office full time ever again. This has been a huge talking point for a long time because employees are proving that they can be more efficient and successful working from their own homes rather than spending time and […]

Should I honour remote working post-Covid-19?

As the coronavirus pandemic led to working from home on a national scale following direct instructions to do so as a result of the Covid-19 public health emergency, working remotely slowly transitioned into the new norm. As this rocked the boat of recruitment agencies worldwide, offering long-term home working and remote working opportunities became essential […]

Virtual photoshoots: Capturing real employee stories in 2021

With the rise in remote working over the last year, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell authentic employer brand stories. 2020 has not only changed how we work but where your employees work. As we always like to point out, your people play a crucial part in not only your company culture but your talent […]

Our guide to recruiting remotely as restrictions ease

With more than half of UK firms announcing plans to hire new staff in the next three months, the tech recruitment landscape feels like a much more positive place to be. Hiring is picking up again, especially within the tech sector, where roles are being seen as essential for business continuity and progression. However, with […]

Why now is the time to prepare for going back to work

By now, working from home feels pretty standard. We’ve all getting used to commutes down the stairs, video meetings, and drinking our own coffee. While returning to the office may feel quite far away, it’s still a burning question for many employees and, as you begin to hire and ramp up your recruitment efforts, it’s […]

A New Era Of Work: Creating an EVP Relevant for 2021

In the last year, the way we work has shifted dramatically, and as a result, candidates’ wants, needs and expectations have also evolved. As we’ve all had to make adjustments to work remotely, embrace more compassion in the workplace, and in some cases even pick up new skills to adapt to change; employees have learned […]