The role of recruitment in business scaling efforts

We often hear that businesses want to scale each year by gaining new customers, new systems, and implementing the best technology. On the other side of the coin, we don’t necessarily hear about how businesses are going to grow internal teams and how they are going to source the right talent. Building a team isn’t […]

The most in-demand skills for tech scaleups in 2022

At the time of year when many of us are drawing up plans for talent acquisition and hiring in the next year, knowing which skillsets to look out for or which will take a little longer to source could give you a competitive advantage. For example, it can help you to plan when you begin hiring for specific roles to align with your growth plans; some high-demand skills may take longer to recruit for. Plus, it can help you to identify a high-quality candidate, as you’ll know which skills are seen as most valuable in your industry.

The most in-demand skills are constantly changing. As consumer needs change, business priorities alter, and so do the skills needed to achieve goals and objectives. Right now, we’re seeing a surge in demand for digital and tech skills, as this is where consumer behaviours are going. But will the skills in demand in 2022 be the same as those everyone is searching for right now?

Tips for Raising Employer Brand Awareness Globally

There comes a time when a scaling business wants to expand its reach globally, and this means attracting top talent in new markets. It may be that you’re ready to open a new office to expand your offering to new countries, much like when we opened our office in Boston, helping us to bring our […]

Is The Right Talent Key To Scaling Your Company Culture?

It’s a problem that many scaleups face; how do you maintain your company culture as your business grows? Startups and scaling tech businesses are renowned for having a company culture that draws in a lot of talent, particularly millennials and Gen Z. As a rule, these businesses tend to be more fun, relaxed and friendly […]

How to build employer brand awareness without a brand

For growing businesses trying to compete for tech talent, one challenge stands above the rest. How can you promote yourself as an employer when no one knows about your business? Scaleups and startups often find themselves in the situation; they can’t afford to wait around for talent. They need these individuals to deliver on their […]

Why the first ten hires are vital for a scaling tech business

Steve Jobs once said, “when you’re in a startup, the first ten people will determine whether the company succeeds or not.” While it seems like a lot of pressure to rest the company’s success on ten individuals, we can’t deny that these people will have the most impact and influence. In the early stages of […]

Why hire a Solutions Architect?

It’s a role we’ve been tasked with hiring a lot recently and one of the most sought after senior tech positions, therefore it’s no surprise that it’s a prominent part of a lot of tech recruitment strategies. A Solutions Architect is a role that requires a lot of experience and expertise, but if you’re developing […]

Why hire a DevOps Engineer?

It’s been hailed as the most in-demand IT title for the future and made it onto LinkedIn’s emerging job report for 2020, making DevOps engineers one of the most talked-about roles right now. Many scaling tech businesses are factoring the role into their tech recruitment strategies in the hopes that they will elevate their capabilities […]

Why Hire a UX Researcher?

What use is a website or an app if it’s not user friendly? 75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on its website design and functionality alone. If your website doesn’t offer a simple and seamless user experience in the tech industry, customers will doubt your credentials. After all, to be a […]