IT Professionals Day: The Fastest Growing IT Roles Right Now

Technology is constantly changing, and therefore so is the role of the technology professional. If we think back to a decade or two ago, IT professionals’ roles will have been incredibly different to the ones we have today. With many different roles now needing technical skills, the idea of having a dedicated person to handle […]

Why data science can’t fix tech recruitment’s biggest problem

Data science and machine learning are taking over almost every industry you can imagine. We’re finding ways to automate processes, and machines really are coming for a lot of our jobs. In many industries, data science is being hailed as the future of work and the secret to revolutionising how employees manage their daily tasks; […]

Why hire a content designer?

Content is king. We hear a lot in today’s digital-first era, which is more relevant than ever. We’re consuming content on a larger scale than ever before, whether it’s on social media, through apps on websites or even video content. It’s no surprise, therefore, that many scaling tech businesses are starting to invest more in […]

Why hire a DevOps Engineer?

It’s been hailed as the most in-demand IT title for the future and made it onto LinkedIn’s emerging job report for 2020, making DevOps engineers one of the most talked-about roles right now. Many scaling tech businesses are factoring the role into their tech recruitment strategies in the hopes that they will elevate their capabilities […]