Why hire a content designer?

Content is king. We hear a lot in today’s digital-first era, which is more relevant than ever. We’re consuming content on a larger scale than ever before, whether it’s on social media, through apps on websites or even video content. It’s no surprise, therefore, that many scaling tech businesses are starting to invest more in their content teams as they realise the vital role that it plays in the customer journey. After all, content forms the touchpoints and can raise brand awareness in digital spaces; it’s how you can engage new customers and teach them about your tech product.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that we’re seeing a lot more demand for content designers in the tech space.

A content designer is a role that you may keep seeing advertised, but you may not be completely clear on what it means as it’s a relatively new position. Is it the same as a content writer, or are they more in line with a UX designer?

We’re exploring the role of a content designer and why it’s becoming so popular in the world of tech recruitment.

What is a Content Designer?

A content designer is responsible for the design behind the content. They have to consider how the content will serve an audience digitally. It’s their job to ensure content is easily accessible to audiences when they need it. They don’t write the content but rather design the experience building interactive systems and developing digital products which can facilitate content from apps to games and other online experiences. Content Designers don’t just write copy to suit a platform but are heavily involved in designing these platforms and devices.

What sets a content designer apart from the rest of the UX team is their power and readiness to look beyond the words and the strategy. Content designers design content that balances what product designers are trying to sell or promote and what the users want from tech products. Content designers see solutions to problems.

What does a Content Designer do?

A content designer or content design team helps with the development of an app, a website, a digital service or a tech product from the origins of the project. A content designer is responsible for the end-to-end customer journey. They work with engineers, researchers, developers, data analysts, UX professionals and graphic designers to create platforms that host engaging content and experiences for their target audiences.

They identify potential uses for products as well as possible problems to identify areas for improvement. By researching the audience and purposes of the content, they can map user journeys and write content that fits in specific outlines and creates an engaging user experience.

They work with the design and development teams to ensure this content is visualised to suit the end-user perfectly. Depending on the project, they may also choose to collaborate with external subject matter experts. Content Designers may also present their ideas to the organisation’s wider teams and directors to gain feedback.

What industries do Content Designers work in?

Content designers are a relatively new role, but they’re most prominent in tech and digital businesses. Companies that are more cautious about their online presence and want to stand out from the crowd are most interested in adding a content designer to the team. From fintech to apps and eCommerce sites, digital-first businesses are most focused on the user journey and experience.

You may also find content designers working in digital agencies, as they can work across multiple projects and team up with UX and development teams to deliver a range of content opportunities.

Basically, any business or industry that sees the value in content design and well thought out user journeys will eventually need to hire a content designer. 

What qualities should you look for when hiring a Content Designer?

Content design is a relatively new role in the world of technical recruitment. Therefore there are few examples of qualifications and experience that can help you hire a good one. What you should look for are passionate people who are dedicated enough to research the role. However, some personal qualities you should look for are as follows:

  • Content designers are curious and aren’t afraid to ask questions. They are problem solvers.
  • They should have a background in content and be able to write and proofread effectively.
  • A good content designer will have experience in content strategy and know how to use this to the user’s advantage.
  • Content designers should be able to research and interpret data to find solutions.
  • They must be agile and collaborative. They cannot be too precious about their work as they must work with many other teams and put the user first.
  • They should have a good knowledge of UX design and know what makes a good user journey.
  • Content designers should also understand the basic principles of graphic design.

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