5 reasons why you need an RPO

Heard everyone talking about switching to an RPO but wondered what’s in it for you? The benefits, both short and long term, can be enormous if you get this right. Here are the five key benefits to using an RPO to overcome your recruitment woes:

1. Financial benefits:

Time is spent more efficiently, searching for the best-fit talent, so you will experience less wasted time and money wasted sourcing the right candidates. Then you’ll notice the calibre of candidates are geared to your business and the role they are being considered for. You won’t be relying on costly agencies and head-hunters, who often find people who are poorly suited to the role and the process takes significantly longer than using an RPO. Ultimately your staff will stay longer and will be better equipped for their new role.

2. Scalability:

If you experience peaks and valleys to your recruitment demands, then an RPO is a way to scale this up and down accordingly, without wasting resources or time. You are paying for what you get with an RPO: the number of successfully filled vacancies. Not got any live vacancies? Don’t pay for any. RPO providers are flexible and can accommodate to your ever-changing situation.

3. Reduced time to hire:

Are you tired of taking time out of your day to interview and shortlist individuals for roles? Is a lack of process putting a strain on attracting talent? With an RPO processes are carried out

4. Talent pooling

RPO providers will present clients with the best-fit candidates for the job. But not all candidates at this stage will be selected, this is why all strong candidates are pooled and actively engaged with, creating a resource for future hiring. This is especially effective for companies that have spurts in hiring and is a key contributor to reducing time to hire. This is a great way of anticipating the need for similar candidates in a slightly different role within a company.

5. Reduces the need for direct advertising

Advertising comes at a premium. But when a company engages with an RPO provider they drastically slash these costs. Responsibility is placed into the RPO firms hands for finding candidates. They have all the necessary resources for tracking down the strongest candidates in a quick and efficient manner. Cutting out the middle man has never had more of a place.

A lot can be gained by picking an RPO model. Keep an eye out for our bespoke service.

A new way of thinking about RPO. #talentmode