Meet the TalentMode team

It’s an exciting time at Talent Works. Our new service TalentMode launched last week and we can’t wait to share it. I sat down with the team working on our RPO to see what makes our offering different and what they enjoy most about their roles.

1. Tell us something about yourself? 

Amanda: Before joining Talent Works, I worked in in-house recruitment for eight years. I worked within financial services, retail and legal industries for names such as Marks & Spencer, The Cooperative Financial Services and Pannone. When I was younger I was a classically trained soprano and wanted to be a paediatrician. My obsessions include books, true crime podcasts and I’m a big foodie!

Andrea: I have been working in the in-house recruitment team for one of our clients for two years, mainly working on high-volume areas for Sales and Customer Service.

Jay: For the past few years I have had a personal goal to visit 30 different countries before I reach 30 and this year I will finally complete this. I am also the office DJ.

Abigail: I love nothing more than catching up on my American TV series or reading a good book, with a strong cup of tea in hand! Last year I also completed Machu Picchu as my final residential for Duke of Edinburgh Gold.

Rebecca: I’ve just returned from spending 16 months travelling the world with my fiancé. We visited the US, Japan, Canada and New Zealand to name a few. It was by far the best thing I’ve ever done!

2. How long have you been working at Talent Works?

Amanda: I’ve been a part of the Talent Works team since August 2015.

Andrea:  Since January 2017.

Rebecca: I’m in my 8th week now!

3. What stands out about Talent Works over other workplaces?

Amanda: I really enjoy the autonomy I have to do what I feel is best for my clients and my team.

Jay:  I was made to feel part of the team and the company before I started which was really nice and made me even more excited to join. I received a lot of messages on LinkedIn from the team welcoming me and I was invited to the Christmas meal before I started.

Hollie: Passion – we have a great group of people at Talent Works, who genuinely love what they do and this shows through in our work. To also have visibility of the Exec Management team, and to know your ideas and opinions are not only listened to, but also executed, is really good.

Rebecca: The creativity and passion amongst the people here. Nobody is just a number and everybody knows every client we are working with. Clients are unique here and every project is different.

4. What’s the most challenging part of your role?

Amanda: Every project has its own unique challenges – the challenge is learning something new and honing your skills to meet that challenge.

Jay: Obtaining feedback on CVs from the Hiring Managers can be quite challenging at times, but it’s all about understanding they have a job to do alongside recruiting, whilst reminding them of the importance of vacancies, working alongside and supporting them throughout the process.

Matus: Keeping the candidates and Hiring Managers satisfied and well-informed throughout the process. Finding the right talent in the right place at the right time.

5. What have you worked on that you’re most proud of?

Amanda: I’m most proud of enabling the team here to develop, whilst providing them with opportunities to challenge themselves – it’s great to see how far the team has come.

Jay: As cheesy as it sounds, I am very proud to be part of TalentMode and the exciting times ahead. There is a clear vision on where we want to go as a business and I am confident in the service we offer.

Matus: The achievement I am most proud of is the way I have streamlined lengthy recruitment processes. Turning them into success stories by saving time, reducing the cost to hire, as well as obtaining positive feedback from candidates and Hiring Managers.

Andrea: Completing the Payroll Year End Campaign – we recruited 70 people over a three-month period to support Sage customers during their busy payroll year-end period.

6. How does TalentMode differ from other RPO solutions?

Amanda: We’re very resilient – we keep pushing on no matter what. I’m very proud of the fact that we refuse to cut corners and we will only recommend candidates/strategies/ideas that we really truly believe in. We’re also a very fun bunch and easy to get along with which I think is key for clients!

Matus: Creativity, promoting the employer brand, our insight and overall effectiveness. Our clients benefit from TalentMode because we look at RPO differently, and provide insight to inform the whole process.

Andrea: The service we provide to clients is bespoke to their needs. The brand insight and market research are things you don’t see from other RPO providers.

7.  It’s 10am on a Monday, what are you doing? 

Amanda: I plan out my week on a Friday afternoon, so whatever’s on the list! I try to work in a very structured way on a Monday, getting key tasks done so I can afford some flexibility during the remainder of the week for those inevitable short notice requests!

Jay: Recruitment is so unpredictable so it is hard to say as one Monday can differ to the other. The one thing I can guarantee is I am most probably on my second cup of black coffee.

Rebecca: Arranging interviews! Which is the best way to spend a morning on an RPO, aside from making offers of course.

Hollie: It’s mid-way through our client service meeting with our CEO – planning the week ahead. I love Mondays – they set you up for the week ahead.

Want to know more about TalentMode? Check it out here.