Myth-busting RPO : The truth behind those Recruitment Process Outsourcing myths


Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Three words that seem simple enough, and yet are increasingly more difficult to pin down. The problem is, there are so many myths and preconceptions about what RPO entails, and how it
can impact your company. So it’s easy for people to get put off from the offset. With so many misconceptions about RPO out there, we decided to set the record straight and bust a few of those long-standing misconceptions that are holding you back from getting the most out of your recruitment solution:

RPO is just for big companies

Yes, plenty of large organisations have an RPO, but the solution isn’t exclusively just for them. Many small and medium-sized businesses have trouble sourcing quality talent, and if you’re a smaller company undergoing a period of expansion a flexible RPO solution could be the answer. You’ll still receive all the benefits of a large-scale recruitment outsourcing solution with our dedicated sourcing team, but you’ll have the option to scale up and down in line with your recruitment needs.

RPO is a ‘one size fits all’ approach

It’s a common myth that an RPO operates on an all-or-nothing model that’s entirely rigid in its approach. However, RPO doesn’t have to encompass all of your recruitment needs, and is in fact a highly bespoke solution that will cater to the unique needs of your company. Need to scale down for a month or two? No problem. Need to quickly recruit a large number of employees? Your RPO can match this.

Companies lose control of their recruitment with RPO

A well-designed RPO solution starts first and foremost with a partnership between provider and client. You can either outsource all recruitment, or just use them for selected tasks alongside your usual function. But you’ll never lose control over the outsourced tasks. In fact, you’ll actually gain control by defining the processes and expectation from the start with agreed metrics, analytics and results.

RPO is really expensive

Actually, RPO has been proven to decrease overall recruitment costs through faster talent sourcing,time-to-hire and a lower turnover. By working together with a team of RPO experts you’ll gain access and education in finding the right people and get better candidates in return. When you look at it this way, the long-term benefits that the RPO brings to your company will mean you really do get your money’s worth.

RPO involves being tied into complicated, long term contracts

The length of time that your RPO covers depends entirely on what your company needs. RPO can be successful in long-term solutions, but equally it can work with shorter, one-time recruitment to ramp up hiring and fill vacancies quickly. RPO is a highly-specialised process that will flex to meet your needs, however long or short these may be.

Our RPO solution can be viewed here #talentmode.