Embedded Talent solutions

Recruitment is a fluid industry – it has to evolve to match the demands of the businesses it serves. Embedded talent solutions are the latest trend and Talent Works are making sure we’re ahead of the curve.

How do ‘Embedded Talent solutions’ differ from other recruitment models?

Embedded talent solutions share similarities with both RPO and Embedded Recruitment. Embedded recruitment is a solution where recruiters embed themselves into a business, absorbing the culture and requirements thoroughly. This proximity to the business helps recruiters understand who will be a good fit. RPO solutions can also make use of this method, though it’s not a defining aspect of that type of solution. RPO has flexibility in that recruiters could be working from within or outside of a company to help find candidates. Embedded Recruitment by its very nature, requires embedded staff.

RPO and Embedded Talent solutions are more flexible and often more holistic than other recruitment models. They have a broader focus and analyse all areas of a company that can help attract and/or retain employees.

Though RPO and Embedded Talent solutions are closer in terms of their offer, the latter provides a more complete service. Depending on your requirements, an Embedded Talent partner can create your entire talent department from scratch. Additionally, should you already have a team in place, the partner can just assist and ensure processes are efficient and effective.

An Embedded Talent partner is like a mix of the three main recruitment models (RPO, Agency and In-house); they improve processes and develop essential recruitment tools such as your Employer Brand, similar to what an RPO provider might do. They can just take care of a portion of your hiring processes as an agency would, but if required, they can also embed themselves into a business to build relationships, understand the culture and values more thoroughly, and manage the entire candidate journey.

What does an Embedded Talent solution look like?

Working with an Embedded Talent partner can look different every time. That’s because each solution is tailored to the needs of the customer. If you just need support sourcing and engaging candidates, or perhaps some help mapping talent or salary benchmarking, an Embedded Talent partner is an ideal solution. They can also embed themselves into your team and provide support with all areas of your recruitment.

The flexibility of a solution like this, is the reason for its increasing popularity. Businesses looking to scale or grow might need immediate support with all aspects of their recruitment. Once hires are made however, support may only be required for sourcing or another specific area. Embedded solutions are adaptable to the client, making them better value for money as there’s significantly less ‘waste’.

Thanks to Talent Works’ vast experience in recruitment, we can customise our embedded teams to fit your needs exactly. Whether you need to grow or scale the business, or or you require services to help improve processes, screening and recruitment, we can tailor our offering to suit your needs.

Why choose an Embedded Talent solution?

An Embedded Talent solution is customisable to your needs. It brings us closer to your business and therefore, helps us understand your issues in depth. By embedding ourselves in your business, we get a more thorough picture of the culture candidates need to fit into. It helps us understand what personalities fit best and what kind of people really add value to the company.

Another aspect similar to RPO, is that this type of solution offers much more than just hiring support. If your company needs a refresh of its EVP (Employee Value proposition) or your Employer Brand needs improvement, Embedded Talent solutions are ideally placed to help you make improvements. They work with you to redevelop your processes, paving the way for an improved Employer Brand and an attractive EVP. This type of solution is also ideal for businesses that need support with their D,E & I (diversity, equity and inclusion). Aspects of a business like these are vital to help attract and retain the best candidates.

A recent Talent Works study on Women in Tech, showed that the number of women working in the tech industry has declined. The reasons for this are related to the work environment. An Embedded Talent partner can identify and address issues that lead to a toxic work environment. They can put strategies and processes in places to ensure the work environment is as diverse, supportive and inclusive as possible, helping you to create your ideal workforce.

How do I know if I should look into this type of solution?

There are numerous reasons to look into hiring an Embedded Talent partner;

  • Your business needs to grow or scale quickly
  • The company has requirements beyond just hiring
  • You need a solution that can be adjusted to suit the current requirements
  • You need to build (or rebuild) your entire recruitment strategy

Embedded Talent solutions are fast becoming the new RPO – they’re equally customisable, giving you great value for money, but, they also get closer to your business. Doing so ensures a deeper understanding of the business and its culture – giving our recruiters more information to find the best candidates.

If you’re looking to scale or grow your business quickly – consider working with an Embedded Talent partner. They are specialists at helping companies grow at pace, something that differentiates them from external recruiting partners.

If you’re thinking about working with a provider of Embedded Talent solutions, we’d love to pitch for you. With specialisms in the tech sector and helping businesses expand their technical and digital capacities, we help some of the world’s most exciting enterprises scale.

As an Embedded Talent solution provider based in the UK, US, and more recently, South Africa, our teams have truly global reach and can help you expand into new territories.

To find out more about how our flexible approach to recruitment can help you or to let us know more about your future recruitment projects, contact us.