Our 10 year anniversary: The people behind the brand

On March 1st, Talent Works International turned 10 years old. At the time, we marked the occasion with an interview with our CEO and founder Neil Purcell. As we’re nearing the end of March, we’re getting ready to celebrate in style, and in person, with all our colleagues. So, we thought it was the ideal […]

5 ways RPO can enhance your employer brand

Your employer brand is key to attracting and retaining top talent. By effectively communicating who you are as a company, you can attract high-quality candidates and improve retention rates. When your employer brand is strong, candidates will want to work for you. RPO providers can help to develop and build your employer brand. As well […]

Promoting your employer brand on Social media: a guide on what NOT to do

Social media is fast becoming the way candidates find out about your employer brand, with a staggering 68% of Millenials choosing to specifically visit company social channels to evaluate their employer brand prior to applying for a role. After the company website, the most visited site when researching a potential employer is their corporate Facebook […]

Instagram, is it making or breaking your business?

I guarantee it could be doing more As the algorithm strengthens, so does the difficulty of getting your posts seen. Don’t engage with an account for a certain amount of time? They will no longer appear on your feed. Gone are the days of perusing your feed and seeing posts from everyone you follow chronologically. […]

The yearly round-up – the 2017 edition

The holiday break went at lightning speed, as predicted. But now we’re firmly back in the office and despite it being early January, the ‘Happy New Year’ email openers are steadily decreasing and everyone is embracing their new and improved routines. But before 2017 becomes a distant memory, we wanted to recap on all the […]

Should recruitment companies be threatened by AI?

Should recruitment companies be threatened by AI? With many developments in technology – mobile, social, cloud and big data are changing the way that we work, Artificial Intelligence is beginning to disrupt certain industries. AI is all around you, but you may not have any awareness of it. AI is a collective term for computer systems […]

Is your careers site user friendly?

To target the right talent, first you have to understand what your candidates are looking for. People look for ease and convenience in every aspect of their lives and finding a new job opportunity is no different. When candidates are applying for positions it is crucial that the process is clear, efficient and easy to […]

Onboarding – what’s it all about?

Onboarding. It’s what everyone’s talking about, and it’s certainly on a lot of employers’ minds. But, what makes a successful programme? The five best practice trends are: From event to process. Onboarding should start during the recruitment phase and last until up to six months after commencement of employment. A multidimensional programme. Onboarding should provide […]

Are meetings a waste of time?

“We have too many meetings” is a frequent complaint in business. Publications such as The New York Times and Forbes give some quick remedies to our suspicions that not all meetings are necessary.  These with other articles recycle solutions such as: Halving the time of your meetings Chair your meeting standing up Avoiding holding a […]