Employer Branding

EVP trends you should be looking out for post-COVID

With COVID-19 having huge impacts on all aspects of the workplace, it’s no surprise that it’s also affecting what employees want from an employer. Employee value propositions will have to adjust to ensure they meet changing mindsets and expectations of both candidates and existing employees. Before the outbreak of COVID-19, experts predicted that 2020 was […]

Can Remote Working Solve the Diversity Problem?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ll be very aware that for those of us that can, remote working is likely to be the future of our work. If all we need to get the job done is an internet connection, computer and phone, many of us can work […]

What is Anti-Racism and How Can Workplaces Promote it?

Addressing issues of race is often regarded as a corporate taboo. For those business leaders fortunate enough to have never suffered at the hands of racial injustice or prejudice it’s an awkward conversation to have; there’s a fear of saying the wrong thing and causing greater offence along with a stigma as to whether speaking […]

Why Your EVP Must Respond to the COVID-19 Crisis

It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 crisis has changed outlooks on all sides of the recruitment landscape; from the skills employers see as essential, to the values candidates look for in an employer and everything in between. Our concerns have changed. It’s time for employers to realise that there will be no return to normal. […]

How Can We Keep Employees Engaged During the Work-From-Home Lockdown?

Keeping employees engaged and motivated isn’t always easy, even when they’re in the office, but when your team works from home it means you need to think a little more creatively to ensure they’re happy and engaged. As we all try to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, it’s largely technology that’s helping us to stay […]