Why recruiting new talent can secure business longevity

To guarantee a healthy and lengthy life for your business, boosting the business with cash injections and regular income can enable you to keep on top of essential payments, stock replenishment and service maintenance. Setting finances aside and following an effective recruitment strategy can help boost company performance and establish a strong business identity, powered […]

Questions you should ask to help you master executive hiring

Hiring executives and senior staff is no mean feat. It’s a challenge that both scaling businesses and more prominent names will have to undertake at a certain point, yet hiring senior-level team members can alter the company’s dynamic from how teams are managed to the company culture. With scaling businesses, senior hires have a lot […]

Why hire a Solutions Architect?

It’s a role we’ve been tasked with hiring a lot recently and one of the most sought after senior tech positions. A Solutions Architect is a role that requires a lot of experience and expertise, but if you’re developing tech products or software, it could be a gamechanger. In the tech-landscape, change happens quickly, and […]

Why hire a DevOps Engineer?

It’s been hailed as the most in-demand IT title for the future and made it onto LinkedIn’s emerging job report for 2020, making DevOps engineers one of the most talked-about roles right now. DevOps brings together the development and operations processes which are usually practised by two separate teams. It’s a relatively new skill and […]

AI in Recruitment: Help or Hindrance?

It’s a hot topic in the world of recruitment. AI is meant to be taking over. According to research by LinkedIn, 76% of recruiters believe that artificial intelligence will have a significant impact on recruiting in the coming years. AI is already being used to automate the screening process, directly source candidates, track candidate behaviour […]

What do the Budget announcements mean for recruitment in 2021?

With unemployment rising, getting individuals – and importantly, keeping individuals – in work is vital when it comes to stimulating and stabilising the economy as we emerge out of the Covid-19 crisis. This issue was confronted head on when Rishi Sunak took to the podium earlier this month to deliver the 2021 Budget and announced […]

Is Hiring for Cultural Fit the Secret to Winning the War on Tech Talent?

When it comes to recruiting tech talent, candidates currently have a huge upper hand. Unlike the rest of the recruitment landscape, there are more candidates than available positions. There are presently seven tech jobs for every suitable applicant. It’s a candidate-driven market. For scaling tech businesses, the competition for tech talent is huge. They have […]

Why Hire a Cloud Engineer?

85% of businesses worldwide are currently using cloud technology to store information, and experts claim that the cloud computing market value could reach $623.3 billion by 2023. With a rise in big data, reliance on tech and a huge cultural shift towards remote working, it’s no surprise that cloud engineers are one of the most […]