So, you’ve built a ready to hire talent pool; what do you do next?

For scaling businesses that may experience large-scale growth quickly and suddenly, a talent pool could be a vital tool to have at your disposal. It means you don’t have to pause and take time to plan for these new hires when you’ve been given the green light; you can reach out to your interested candidates. You don’t even need to have vacancies available. If you’re strategic, you can build a talent pool by promoting your employer brand and engaging suitable candidates for when roles become available.

Is your candidate experience damaging your tech employer brand?

Tech recruitment is the most competitive it’s ever been, with employers in all industries fighting for candidates with identical skillsets. Digitally-led businesses are seeing a surge in demand for their services, which means they suddenly need to hire quickly to keep up. Other companies are looking to hire tech talent so that they can compete […]

Why hire a customer success specialist for your scaling tech business?

In the current market, customers are in charge and generally wish work with companies that they respect and believe have their best interests in mind. This means managing and maintaining customer relations is more vital than ever. With many businesses now resorting to automations and tech for many aspects of communication to streamline the process, […]

Aptean partners with Talent Works as it expands and creates over 150 tech roles in the US, UK and India

Company renews EVP globally and while expanding Bangalore and Madurai tech hubs Boston, London; 16th June: Aptean, the US-based global provider of mission-critical enterprise software solutions, has announced a major talent initiative with the assistance of Talent Works. The company, whose industry-specific ERP, supply chain and compliance solutions are used in over 80 countries, is […]

Why hire a content designer?

Content is king. We hear a lot in today’s digital-first era, which is more relevant than ever. We’re consuming content on a larger scale than ever before, whether it’s on social media, through apps on websites or even video content. It’s no surprise, therefore, that many scaling tech businesses are starting to invest more in […]

Is The Right Talent Key To Scaling Your Company Culture?

It’s a problem that many scaleups face; how do you maintain your company culture as your business grows? Startups and scaling tech businesses are renowned for having a company culture that draws in a lot of talent, particularly millennials and Gen Z. As a rule, these businesses tend to be more fun, relaxed and friendly […]

Why Hire a Data Protection Officer?

It’s no secret that data has become the most valuable asset in the world. In fact, some sources claim it’s overtaken oil to be our most valuable commodity. Data provides endless possibilities for marketing, sales and knowledge of your customer base – it’s almost limitless. Therefore, it’s worth protecting. If you fall victim to a […]

What’s the difference between an EVP and Employer Brand?

For those new to the world of talent acquisition, whether your business is just beginning to scale or you’re new to a recruitment role yourself, the industry can be a minefield. There are so many terms to get to grips with and buzzwords that talent professionals will use so often we forget that people may […]