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IT Professionals Day: The Fastest Growing IT Roles Right Now

Technology is constantly changing, and therefore so is the role of the technology professional. If we think back to a decade or two ago, IT professionals’ roles will have been incredibly different to the ones we have today. With many different roles now needing technical skills, the idea of having a dedicated person to handle […]

The Boston Boom Part One: Hiring Top Talent

Whether it’s with a Chief HR Officer that’s been working in Boston for 30+ years, or with a new recruiter that’s just starting out, I’ve been having the same conversation on an almost daily basis when it comes to looking for new talent: the demand is at a level that we’ve not seen since the […]

Retaining tech talent in your startup and reducing employee turnover

When you’re a startup, the candidate-driven market creates more talent acquisition and retention challenges than most businesses. With so many companies competing for the same technical talent, it’s increasingly difficult for growing businesses to match salary offers and the reputation of large-scale enterprises. As a result, tech candidates are in high demand are probably being contacted by recruiters every day. These tech candidates are tempted by these “sexy” offerings with high salaries or impressive names to add to their resumes. With so little available talent, your existing teams are more likely to be enticed by these offers. Can you really afford to lose your best developers, data scientists and tech talent?

In a scaling business, your teams make or break you. It would help if you were surrounded by dedicated people who are passionate about your mission. However, in a tech business, you also need key skills and knowledge to innovate and grow your offering. Therefore, any loss of staff is felt more deeply than in a large-scale enterprise, and therefore attrition is more of a threat to smaller businesses.

So, you’ve built a ready to hire talent pool; what do you do next?

For scaling businesses that may experience large-scale growth quickly and suddenly, a talent pool could be a vital tool to have at your disposal. It means you don’t have to pause and take time to plan for these new hires when you’ve been given the green light; you can reach out to your interested candidates. You don’t even need to have vacancies available. If you’re strategic, you can build a talent pool by promoting your employer brand and engaging suitable candidates for when roles become available.

Are Passive Tech Candidates the Secret to Tech Recruitment Success?

In the tech sector there are more opportunities for candidates than ever before but may need to be faced with the right one to make a move. By reaching passive candidates while the recruitment market is so hot, you could open their eyes to a brilliant opportunity and find talent who feels as passionately about your brand and mission as you do.

6 Tips for Hiring the Right Tech Talent In a Candidate Driven Market

The last 18 months have completely shifted the world of recruitment. To say it’s been turned on its head would be an understatement. Skills that were once in huge demand suddenly become less desirable almost overnight, and tech knowledge and qualifications have been growing in demand ever since. Entire industries have had to change the […]

Why data science can’t fix tech recruitment’s biggest problem

Data science and machine learning are taking over almost every industry you can imagine. We’re finding ways to automate processes, and machines really are coming for a lot of our jobs. In many industries, data science is being hailed as the future of work and the secret to revolutionising how employees manage their daily tasks; […]

Why hire a content designer?

Content is king. We hear a lot in today’s digital-first era, which is more relevant than ever. We’re consuming content on a larger scale than ever before, whether it’s on social media, through apps on websites or even video content. It’s no surprise, therefore, that many scaling tech businesses are starting to invest more in […]