RPO recruitment

What is RPO? RPO is the abbreviation for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Simply put, RPO is when you use an external provider for parts of your recruitment. This means handing over parts of, or all of your recruitment processes to a third party. It is typically a more efficient method of recruitment than others. The providers […]

EVP and Employer Brand

If you’re recruiting or planning a future recruitment drive, chances are you’ve heard of EVP and Employer Brand. Both are common terms in recruitment and there is a link between them, but what are they? Employee Value Proposition (EVP) EVP is simply your Employee Value Proposition – the outline of everything a company does to […]

Is your EVP secret to fighting the great resignation?

The Great Resignation means that, above all else, employees are on the move. Tech employees are among many others embracing the trend and leaving their employers searching for better compensation, a new challenge or alternative corporate culture. As a result, knowledge-based sectors like tech are seeing record numbers of jobs advertised, and this is taking […]

Is your EVP human enough?

As a tech company, it’s very easy to get caught up in the tech. It’s what you do, it’s what your people are passionate about, and it’s how your business is going to grow. Plus, it’s often what sets you apart from the crowd; your tech product is what excites you and motivates you, and […]

The rise of environmental EVPs

Environmental issues are becoming more of a talking point than ever, and many of us are starting to prioritise the impact we have on the environment in our daily lives. More of us than ever are conscious about how we travel, the amount of waste we produce, and other renowned factors for damaging the planet. […]

The Future of Remote Work: What Can We Expect?

Everyone is talking about the future of work and whether we will end up back in the office full time ever again. This has been a huge talking point for a long time because employees are proving that they can be more efficient and successful working from their own homes rather than spending time and […]

Aptean partners with Talent Works as it expands and creates over 150 tech roles in the US, UK and India

Company renews EVP globally and while expanding Bangalore and Madurai tech hubs Boston, London; 16th June: Aptean, the US-based global provider of mission-critical enterprise software solutions, has announced a major talent initiative with the assistance of Talent Works. The company, whose industry-specific ERP, supply chain and compliance solutions are used in over 80 countries, is […]

What’s the difference between an EVP and Employer Brand?

For those new to the world of talent acquisition, whether your business is just beginning to scale or you’re new to a recruitment role yourself, the industry can be a minefield. There are so many terms to get to grips with and buzzwords that talent professionals will use so often we forget that people may […]