Talent Acquisition

Creating a buzz around a complex tech scaleup to help recruitment

When you’re trying to recruit tech talent, particularly in a candidate-driven market, you need to try and stand out from the crowd. The tech recruitment landscape right now is highly competitive, and there are far more jobs being advertised than the number of candidates ready to fill them. To attract the best talent and drive […]

Tech Recruitment: Understanding Tech Talent Infographic

Tech talent is in high demand; tech scaleups and businesses are booming as a result of the last 12 months while other organisations from almost every industry imaginable are looking to digitise and keep up in a tech-first era. We’re currently in a candidate driven market when it comes to recruiting tech talent; with the […]

9 Questions We’re Frequently Asked About Recruitment Marketing

We specialise in recruitment marketing campaigns. Whether it’s helping scaling companies raise their employer brand amongst tech candidates or using social media and digital platforms to generate leads, recruitment marketing is one of the things we do best. Candidates, whatever the industry, are likely to spend a lot of time online. Let’s face it, we […]

Could TikTok be the future of graduate and apprenticeship recruitment?

TikTok is taking over, that’s undeniable. Throughout 2020 it seems everyone has been joining in with challenges, learning dance routines and finding themselves lost in the TikTok bubble for hours on end. So, we’re asking, could TikTok help your future recruitment efforts? Let’s be honest; you’d be forgiven if you thought TikTok isn’t really a […]